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Why Does Pluto Live in a dog house, eat dog food, etc. but Goofy, who is also a dog, lives in a condo and drives a car?

Asked by aisyna (963points) August 4th, 2008

they are both dogs so why is Goofy more important than pluto

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Pluto was demoted recently to a non-planet; perhaps that makes him less dog-entitled, also.

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Pluto is a pet; Goofy is a friend. Common Disney question.

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It’s because Pluto cannot speak. You’ll notice from the cartoons that they are actually on even footing intellectually. If Pluto could say anything, it would make him equal to Goofy.

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Also Goofy walks upright while, Pluto walks on all fours. The wonderful world of Disney!

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Goofy, along with the rest of the humanoid Disney characters (Mickey, Donald, etc.), is the result of terrible and twisted genetics experiments. Pluto, being an actual dog, is the only thing even remotely normally about that fear inducing universe.

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@ tinyfaery- why is pluto a pet and not a friend
@bodyhead- why cant pluto
@robhaya- why dosent goofy walk upright

if they are both dogs why are they not exactly the same in everything they do that is kinda my question

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Goofy went to college and stayed off drugs, he just has bad luck

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@aisyna b/c Walt Disney thought it would be funny to have a man dog (Goofy) own a dog (Pluto). Honestly I have no idea why that is..I’d suggest contacting The Walt Disney World Public Relations department.

Good Luck!

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@robhaya- pluto is micky’s dog

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because Goofy takes out the trash and pays the bills, while Pluto sniffs his butt all day. Aisyna, will knowing the answer to this question, make you love either one than the another? If kids are foolish enough to believe in purple dinosaurs and flying elephants (that’s right, I’m talking to you, Barney and Dumbo), I think Disney can slip in a few more contradictions.

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@aisyna I’m a little rusty on my Disney knowledge

Rumor has it Minnie left Mickey b/c Goofy is the love child of Mickey and Pluto.;)

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Yesterday my son was watching the first of the newer Garfield movies and I realized that odie was the only animal who couldn’t talk, and it’s stupid because garfield could talk to the doberman next door and every other animal in the movie, but odie couldn’t talk? WTH? I don’t get it…

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I don’t think Disney created barney…..I’m pretty sure that PBS was the mastermind behind the evil purple dinosaur…...?

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okay, it’s now time to have the Muppet genealogy discussion

…but seriously, the same reason that the Roadrunner can go off a cliff and be exploded into bits by dynamite, yet come back moments later, It’s a cartoon, cartoons are supposed to be fun, not logical.

Yes, cd, you’re correct, Barney is not Disney, neither is the RR, for that matter.

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Mickey takes Pluto hunting and fishing. Goofey has his own home and a job. Giving Mikey a pet makes his character more relateable; it’s a human trait. Pluto is also Mickey’s friend, of course, but there is no doubt Pluto belongs to Mickey.

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Was this question asked in the movie “Stand by Me”? I seem to remember this being discussed around a campfire.

Anyway, here’s a little info about this.

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The most simple explanation for this is that Goofy is a human-dog, where as Pluto is an animal-dog. In the world of Disney, there are both anthropomorphic animals such as Mickey, Donald, and Clarabelle, and real animals such as Pluto, Chip, and Dale. (If you watch the cartoons, you’ll notice C&D never converse with anyone but themselves – they don’t speak “human”, they only speak chipmunk).

The anthropomorphic animals do not really have any of the traits of the real animal on which they’re based. Goofy doesn’t howl at the moon, Mickey and Minnie aren’t afraid of cats. Donald and Daisy can’t fly unless they’re on an airplane.

There’s a scene in an old cartoon in which Donald takes the nephews to a picnic by a lake. In one scene, you can see “real” ducks out on the lake, while the human-ducks are enjoying their picnic…

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You just copied this from Full house.

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