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What thoughts come to your head when you see yourself in the mirror in the morning?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) October 15th, 2016

You can express them aloud if not too private. Add some humour please. It’s the hardest thing to do to make fun of yourself. But it’s cool.

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Boy I got old!

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First thing in the morning I don’t think anything.

When I get ready to go out for the day I see all the wrinkles on my neck and décolleté area and regret not having protected those parts of my body from the sun more.

If I really get triggered for some reason, I notice the area under my eyes is a little concave, and the circles a little dark. I see the wrinkles in my cheeks that were caused by a laser treatment that should have made my skin smoother. 90% of the time I’m not triggered, and I don’t think twice about my face.

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“You is one ugly mudda fudda.”

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Why the fuck are they carding me for the products that make me look like I was sandblasted?

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Dafu- oh it’s me.

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Damn my mustache is gray!
Damn I look tired!
Do I always have those bags under my eyes?

I need more coffee.

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I expected to get old and I was ready for it. I hoped at least for an interesting face. I earned those scars. They are my battle ribbons. Those creases that are just now appearing show where I’ve been, and the weather I’ve seen. The eyes are still bright and piercing. I’m comfortable with what I see. It’s good.

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Mirrors give me existential dread. I try to avoid looking into them. When you look into the mirror and make eye contact with yourself, what you’re seeing is the existential Other, the alienated self of the Doppelganger phenomenon. I can’t look into a mirror without being forced to confront issues of identity, purpose, mortality, and the nature of being. A little heavy to start the day with.

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I wonder what mess the cats made last night?

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First thing I see is the scar on my chest, from last year’s open heart surgery. Every morning I just look at it and say “Fuck!”

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Good Morning! You made it one more night!

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@filmfann Put vitamin E oil on your surgery scar and it will fade faster. 3 years ago they did a mini-maze operation on my heart. They made 2 scars on each side of my chest. I put vitamin E oil on the scars every morning for a year and you can’t see them now. My dermatologist didn’t even notice them.

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Why do I waste my time looking at the mirror?

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Man boobs. : (

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Get into a gym, RDG. Make it your second home.

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@mimishu1995 – you don’t like it?

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I rarely look in the mirror and when I do I sometimes think, who in the world is that!?

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“What a handsome bastard.”

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Mine would be would be like “What a handsome emotional fool!!”.

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I’m pretty much OK with my face, unless I smile. I have bad teeth. I solve the issues I have with the rest of my body by not owning a full-length mirror.

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Hey, I’m still standing!

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I wud defo make out with you phworrhhh

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Hella bae <3

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I don’t look into the mirror in the morning. I brush my hair out quickly and head for the coffee pot. Mirror comes way later. haha

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What is inside my stomach that’s making it look like a watermelon? Do I really eat that much? Then I think, “other than that you look cute for your age, Aster!”

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I only look in the mirror when it’s dark.

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What mirror?...They all shatter when I look at them…I need to find a mirror that I can sneak up on.

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@gondwanalon It’s not the scars that upset me. It’s the everyday reminder.

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Going grey was a great idea.

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I need more sleep.

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I always feel fine as I never put my specs on, probably go out with breakfast on my chin though!
and a few whiskers.

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Why did you ever cut your hair in layers years ago????
And why do you not have the patience to let it grow out now?

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“Do I have to get up?”

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Oh man, I could hardly get up this morning. I was SO warm and cozy in my bed full of fluffy blankets and comforters and my cat was burrowed down with me in total bliss. I got up and put on the coffee and went back to my cocoon for another 20 minutes. haha

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The moment I’m most cozy and comfy is 10 seconds before my alarm goes off!

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Damn! I need to put on some makeup!! I hate looking in the mirror cause each day it gets worse and worse! Getting old sucks

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Should I trim my own hair?

imrainmaker's avatar shouldn’t..)

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“Kiss me you delicious English bastard”

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Mornings aren’t so bad. I keep the lights down low. OK. I put my make up on in the dark. It’s during the day when I unexpectedly catch a glimpse in the mirror of a brightly lit bathroom that I go, “Oh, well. Hell.” Still getting used to not being beautiful anymore!

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Every once in a while, I am surprised when I look in the mirror at that certain angle, with that certain expression, and see my dad looking back at me!

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You mirror your father:)

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