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Would you like to live in an Under 55 Community?

Asked by rem1981 (393points) October 19th, 2016

I think it would be spectacular if we could segregate ourselves the same way people over 55 can. Imagine not having any nosey old lady neighbors? Wouldn’t that be awesome? And how about not having to live next to anyone who goes to bed at 8 o’clock and gets up at 5am and mows the lawn. I would love it if this became a reality. Do you as well?

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Ah, shit. He’s back.

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Yeah, noticed that. Oh, well.

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@Espiritus_Corvus But, he’s so very educational. I had no idea that 55-year-old ladies go to sleep at 8:00 pm and are nosy neighors. Most over-50 women I know are too occupied with working late and having successful careers.

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I’d have to move out at 56. I’m OK with that.

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I’m well over 55 and I don’t go to bed until after 11:00 at night. And I wouldn’t be rude enough to run a lawn mower at 5:00 am.

@rem1981 – your ideas are way out of line.

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I remember when I was a kid, an elderly neighbour telling my father that he would find he needed less sleep as he got older and older. My dad didn’t believe him and I thought the adults were just talking about crazy stuff. Now I’m older than my dad was then and it turns out Mr. Monk was right. I’ve needed less sleep every year since I got out of my teens. Some nights I’m in bed well after midnight and awake by 6 – but definitely not out mowing the lawn.


I ripped the lawn out when I bought this house

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Nope, but I’d love an over-55 community.

I’d enjoy living around neighbors who know how to communicate politely, who don’t spazz and call CPS if a kid is playing outside unattended for five seconds, and who don’t blare their shitty dubstep at 2:00 AM.

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^Or rev their motorcycle motors for no foreseeable reason to me.

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^ Oh, you know my next-door neighbor?

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How do you come up with stuff like that?

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Nearly every apartment building I have ever lived in was an under 55 community, complete with all night noisy parties, rude behavior in the swimming pool, laundry room and every other common area, cars racing in the parking lot at all hours of the day and night and so on.

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No – because then I might meet you.

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It depends. How far under 55 and how many of them are single ladies?

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Haha, well I am 57 and I can assure you I don’t go to bed at 8pm and I am not, in the least, nosy. However, if living in a 55 and over community meant I didn’t have to listen to my house or car levitating from some young punk asses vibrating bass you bet.
Than God I live on a private 12 acres and the worst I have to out up with is the neighbors barking dogs. That’s bad enough. haha

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No, but the over 55 community sounds perfect to me. Then I wouldn’t be jolted awake early on a Sunday morning because my under 55 neighbors were mowing their lawns or leaving their dogs out in their yard to bark incessantly.

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Well, I wish I could do the opposite, I wish I could live with mostly people over 55. I’m over children, squeaking kids and happy families all mowing their lawns at dawn. I’m also over newlyweds deciding to renovate their kitchens on a Saturday morning at 9 am.

I’m tired of youngsters walking past piss drunk at 3am having a brawl, kids vomiting in alley- ways, young guys trying to act gangsta, young teens with babies I want to live with boring, deaf and lonely old people. I didn’t realize I was that old, but now you mention it….

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I’ll take an over 40 community thank you. Then my husband and I could move in now.

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No. I think that point of view seems ageist, immature and silly.

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My Under 55 Community would be called Narnia and Phil Collins would be banned from all forms of sound.

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Yep. Narnia is about your speed. Why don’t you just squat over at Michael Jackson’s place? I hear he’s not using it.

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