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If you had to choose between voting for Trump, and voting for Lex Luthor, whom would you pick?

Asked by ragingloli (47267points) October 31st, 2016

Is the comic book villain actually worse than the real life villain?

The specs for the new MacBook Pro are a joke.
a tiny screen, and only intel onboard graphics, and they want 1500 $ for it? And that is the cheapest of their lineup.
My 2 year old 700€ Asus laptop beats the crap out of this apple joke.

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Lex Luthor. They may be equally evil, but Lex Luthor is a real genius.

Nobody ever accused Trump of being smart.

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Lex Luther is an intelligent, egotistical, self-centered, narcissistic, sociopath capable of controlling or destroying the world. Trump is definitely not intelligent and has failed and bankrupt most of the ventures he has attempted.
Given the choice above I’d rather have an incompetent sociopath in power.

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Indeed, time to liquidate my apple shares.

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Gene Hack (her emails) man

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I havent’ heard any mention of Lex Luthor running for President. I guess he’s happy as governor of Florida.

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Lex Luthor because he’s a fictional character.

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We’re already facing that choice. Give us another.

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Hillary is not as intelligent or as capable as Lex

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What are Luthor’s policies on environmental protection, climate change, abortion rights, immigration, foreign aggression, drones, NSA spying, the TPP, fracking, GMO crops, corporate corruption, Citizen’s United, and money in politics?

Is Luthor a bigot? How’s his behavior been toward women and young children?

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Lex Luthor. Was there any doubt??

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I’m ready for 8 years of Trump. The only people behind Hillary are stupid poor people.

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It is better to be
an idiot
than it is
to be a closet

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I am not voting for either per se.

I’m voting for the candidate known as NotHillary.

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I would vote for Trump over Luthor. LL has always frightened me as a villain as it’s too close to home as real.

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I’d vote for Lex ‘cause Superman would save us from him.

Nobody could save us from Donald!

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I’m with @Pachy it means living in a world with actual super heroes and I am so down with that.

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Lex Luthor was a mortal, non-super powered sociopath. We have enough in office already.

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