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How do you look?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) March 21st, 2017

Don’t link me an image of yourself.
I want you to describe your physical appearance.
I can’t see you. Make me able to imagine your looks.
If we were to meet up for the first time and you can’t send me your photo, how would I recognise you?

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5’ 10” 170–175 pounds, cut arms, shoulders and chest. Small hint of bellyfat so no six pack. Black hair with tiny hints of grey. Full beard stubble.

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What little hair I have on my head I crop very short, so I’m bald. I wear a beard. It has a respectable amount of white for my age.

I wear glasses. They are perfect circles. I bought these frames 25 years ago while I was a graduate student in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have worn circular glasses for 40 years. This pair is very nice. The gold is wearing off, and they’re silver in patches.

My nose is thin. My eyes are hazel. Normal blond eyebrows. Unremarkable ears. They are not pierced.

I invariably wear aloha shirts. My shirts are real aloha shirts. They are not gaudy tourist shirts found in Waikiki, where I rarely go. I wear them to work and on the weekends.

I wear khaki pants to work and good shoes. I have one casual pair of shoes for all other times, and I have one pair of running shoes that need to be retired.

When I’m not at work, I’m in shorts, and I’m usually barefoot. I wear socks to work and when the temperature dips down to 70°and below in winter. You know a Hawaiian is cold if he’s wearing socks.

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Almost as good as the photo in my Wanted poster.

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Well, my avatar is me.

I look very young for my age, unless I’m wearing makeup. I have medium-length, wavy, warm-auburn hair and currently a few inches of dingy blonde roots. I wear black metal rimmed spectacles. If you catch me on a makeup day I’ll likely be wearing bright eyeshadow in several colours and a lipstick the colour of cinnamon. My skin is pale and lightly freckled. I’m a fairly short woman of medium build, with a pear-shaped body. The hips don’t lie. I’ll either be wearing paint-splattered jeans and a t-shirt with some nerdy expression or a band logo on it, or a long tunic-style shirt and leggings. My shoes will be either flat boots or orthotic old-lady shoes, because I have chronic pain in my feet.

That probably just about covers it.

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I wonder how you could find anyone here just by their descriptions. It could be anyone :p

I’m the most disorganized woman you have seen. I wear short hair I used to have it long but then I cut it recently. You will be very lucky to see me wear makeup or dress. I wear jean and T-shirt in hot weather and coat in cold weather. I walk and talk like a man. I’m also very tall too. I always wear glasses. Sometimes my clothes or hair messes up but I won’t mind. I have small hands but big feet. About my face, just an average Jane, nothing so special about it.

Well, this post is really disorganized.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me, wheeee! I’ll have one of those… to go, please.

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5’3 and ¾ths. About 135 lbs. ( trying to drop a few but I am an athletic type and carry it well, ideal weight about 124, and…I just picked up Panda Express takeout. haha)
I am Blonde, blue eyed, hair a little below shoulder length, naturally blonde with a minescule spritz of gray. ( Quit coloring my hair a few years ago, natural is where it’s at.)
I still wear pigtails on occasion and pull off the older hippie chick look well.

I am a bohemian type at heart and right now am wearing a floor length hippie skirt with blues, reds, purples and pinks and a red thermal, long sleeved top, a “Marlboro” fleece vest and Ugg boots.
Just came in from graining the horses, they don’t mind my hippie skirts but hate my red polka dot umbrella. haha
I am your classic from jeans to silk kinda gal, I can dress up or down depending on the occasion but prefer my earthy look overall. I do own some nice cocktail dresses and pumps but prefer jeans/skirts/boots/sundresses/sandals, overall.

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May I ask how tall you are?

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@Mimishu1995 That’s the whole deal. I wanna draw them all now, already have some ideas and associations.

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5’2” around 120–123 pounds. Waist length blonde hair, brown eyes. Middle aged. I have crows feet around my eyes. Thin lips, no butt.

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Short (5’3ïsh), curvy. Silver/platinum hair that I just had cut into a long, curly shag. Blue eyes. Olive skin. This time of year I’m going to look a bit fuller than usual since I’m probably wearing two pairs of socks and two pairs of leggings under my tunic/dress/top. I’m often wearing something with skinny stripes or small polka dots. I like wearing hats. I’ve been told I could be the small Dixie Chicks’ mother.

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@Coloma sounds like a dating ad :p

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I look like a wheelchair, with an old woman on my lap.

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Like a viking, but clean and not wearing armor.

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I have dark wavy/frizzy brown hair that goes down to my hips, and blue-grey eyes. I wear glasses. Winter time in Alaska leaves me with a pretty light complexion. I’m about 5’2, and slightly underweight (though I’ve been making an attempt to gain back what sickness took away)
I’m nearly 22, but I look about 17. I have a “Monroe” birth mark, and a strong jaw.

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@Sneki95 I would really like to see what you think of me :D

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Eyes, primarily.

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5’7”, fat-ish – but not very, big boobs. Wavy, reddish dark blonde hair (dyed) to the middle of my back, in need of a cut. Light brown eyes, very fair skin, nice nose, full lips and prominent front teeth. I’ll be wearing skinny jeans and a long t-shirt, with a pair of gray Chucks.

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I’m 6’5, 300 lbs. Bald/clipped head (mainly because it’s turning more salt than pepper.)
Green to hazel eyes. A red beard that is probably 10 inches long. Very large shoulders,arms, chest, and some belly with hairy chest,but luckily not back. Thick legs and calves,huge feet. I have about the same physique of a defensive lineman (used to play football. ) Lots of tattoos. Pale skin (I work at night.)
I said in another post,that I look like an extra from Sons of Anarchy, or the Vikings series. That’s pretty accurate. I usually get lots of unwanted attention from the police who don’t know me.

I prefer sleeveless shirts, shorts, and sandals (it’s usually hot as hell here.) I usually wear hoodies on the rare cold days. Oh, and usually wear a backwards Raider’s, or Piston’s hat,or bandana.

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Mid-late-20s 5’11 size 12 caucasian female with long dark hair and blue eyes. I’ve been told that I look a little like a younger Melania Drumpf if she gained 10–15 lbs. I’m a bit of a clothes horse and prefer feminine attire and well-tailored pieces. Admittedly, I’m a little bit vain and take care of my appearance, but I love to eat and drink wine with abandon.

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Umm…I’m a Caucasian male, 37 years old.
Brown hair, blue eyes about 5’7, athletic build.
Jeans, T-shirt, hoodie and hiking shoes kinda guy.
I wear glasses or contacts sometimes.
I’ve done manual labor jobs since I was 15, I grew up in Canada in a small town and then on a farm.
I’m completely surrounded by Conservative people where I live but I’m mostly Liberal minded, go figure. : )
I have some facial scruff and at my best I think I look like a slightly thinner Paul Walker, LoL.

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I’m 25 but you may mistake me for younger. I’m told I have a boyish face. I’m fairly short and thin (about 5’7”), though not completely scrawny. I have short blond hair, blue eyes, and some freckles on my cheeks (and a prominent mole on my left cheek), yet my skin is tanner than you’d think given those specs. But what’s most noticeable is my big nose. If you see a guy with a small head matching the previous description and a nose that looks too big for it, you’ve probably found me. Another thing that might give me away is my teeth, if you happen to see me smile. I have spots that are extra-white on my front teeth due to childhood fluoride over-exposure! It’ll blind you from afar.

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I’m 5’6” and a little out of shape right now. I wear jeans and shirts or dress pants and blouses, depending on where I’m going. I’ll wear a jacket if it’s chilly. I’ve got what I consider a large shoe collection, although I’ve been told it’s not… I’ve got a variety of shoe styles and heel heights. My go-to are my sneakers.

I have straight, stubborn, light brown hair. It develops goldish and reddish highlights when I’m in the sun, and gets closer to medium brown when I’m away from the sun for long periods. It’s a few inches past my shoulders right now, with a slight A-line cut. I have pale blue eyes with a slight yellow ring around the pupil. Depending on the surroundings, they may look blue, gray, or teal. My skin is pale. Lately I have a mild tan from being outside enough, and that gives me some color.

I’ve got spots across my skin —small moles or prominent freckles, I’m not sure which.

My nose is kind of like a right triangle stretched vertically—not exactly, but mostly. The rest of my face is relatively flat so it just sort of stands out… My lips aren’t especially thin or especially full. My chin makes a roundish point. I don’t have especially prominent cheek or jaw bones, but they are there.

I’ve got a faint scar below the left corner of my mouth, because years ago I forgot I was in a loft bed and tried to climb out in the dark, falling and hitting the corner of a desk.

I have a practiced smile, so it looks generally sincere and “sweet” on command, but it’s not subtle. My cheeks push upward and outward and my face becomes round, my lower lids become defined. My eyes crinkle and compress.

I have my grandmother’s eyebrows, in that they’re medium brown—the same shape as my mother’s and sisters, though. I haven’t ever shaped them. They start out thick and taper quickly in a curve, and from a distance you can only see the thicker part. They don’t have that badass angular arch shape.

My boobs aren’t big but they used to be smaller and I miss that. My hips and waist are apparent, but they’re not especially defined from one another. My frame is wider shoulder to shoulder and flatter sternum to spine—it’s not a small frame, but it’s not a large frame. My legs are long for my torso—and according to a bicycle fitting I had once by a family friend, the length is in my femur.

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5’11” 162lbs
Athletic/muscular build
50 yr old (most people think i’m 40)
Shaved head
Mostly clean shaven, (occasional 4/5 day designer stubble)
On point fashion sense
Wearer of a cheeky grin & mischevious glint in eyes

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6’1”, 185 lbs.
Silver/grey shoulder length hair. Matching goatee and mustache.
Slim with a paunch. At 70 years old it’s hard to keep the waist slim.
Usually in Levis and polo shirt. I appear to be in better shape than I am but luckily at 70 I just don’t give a shit.

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5’4”, 130 lbs., straight blonde hair with silver streaks, about 5” below shoulder length, blue eyes.

I rarely wear makeup except for weddings, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Usually I wear cropped pants, because most regular pants are way too long for me. I either wear tennis shoes (not running shoes, just regular ones like Vans or Keds or Target equivalents of these types) or non-leather sandals (I am a vegetarian and so are my clothes), or flip flops. I always wear flats, never heels. Even my dress shoes are flats. I like pretty T-shirts in fruit colors like cranberry and grapefruit and kiwi, and nature colors like turquoise and leaf green, or pretty cotton blouses with long sleeves or ¾ length sleeves.

If I’m reading or looking at my phone, I wear cute reading glasses that I get at the dollar stores. I always wear sunglasses if I’m outside.

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@Kardamom We almost sound like twins but I do wear leather boots/sandals and my hair is wavy/fluffy, with some ringlets if I don’t straighten it. Weird because I had straight hair for years but the menopause scene seems to have given me hormonally induced baby curls again. lol

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Looking down through the thread, seems like Fluther has a lot of short women.
When I can manage to stand full height, I am 5’3”.

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I’m trying to reduce the amount of leather in my apparel.

Where do you get your non-leather items?

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@ragingloli I love you for that.

@all Thanks for posting. It’s interesting how you describe yourself and what did you pay attention to when it comes to your looks. I’ve already made some images and associations in my head based on your descriptions. It was really interesting reading it.

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@Coloma When I read your description, it did sound like you were describing me, but I’ve seen pictures of you and you definitely have very pretty curly hair, mine is straight as an arrow. If people saw us together, they would not think we look alike. I probably look more like Jody Foster or Meg Ryan (before she got the fake lips Lol).

@Brian1946 There are lots of stores, brick and mortar, and online where you can buy “vegan” clothing, but it’s usually rather expensive. I just make sure I read the labels on things very carefully, especially on shoes. The good thing is that “fake” leather shoes are usually cheaper than the real thing. I tend to buy my shoes at Target and Walmart, but I got a very cute pair of flat dress shoes at Kohl’s when I had one of those crazy coupons and the shoes were on sale. Got them for $7.99. Their shoes are usually more in the $50 range. With belts, it’s the same thing. You just have to look at them. I tend to get my belts at the thrift store. You would probably have a more difficult time trying to find men’s dress shoes, or boots or something like that, but I wear mostly tennis shoes and sandals. A lot of tennis shoes have leather in them, so you just have to read the labels. Generally what you are looking for is the term “all man made materials” Sometimes a shoe will list the upper part only as having “man made materials” so you gotta make sure the label says all man made materials. Cheaper watches usually have fake leather, or nylon straps. Most other clothes are pretty safe, except you might want to watch out for real silk, if you are being a stickler, because real silk (I believe they have perfected non-animal made silk, but don’t quote me on that).

I have to head out the door right now, but I will go through my files and see what online stores have some decent stuff. It’s super easy to have vegan clothes (although I just call them clothes) once you get the hang of it. : )

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Light skin, brown eyes, short black hair

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