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Do you shower after a bath?

Asked by anniereborn (10496points) May 16th, 2017

A lot of people see baths as stewing in your own filth. I almost always shower after a bath.

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I do the opposite. I take a bath after my shower .

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That never crossed my mind. I prefer taking showers (only one shower per day) and hardly ever take a bath. I’ll take a shower the next day after taking a bath.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I don’t know if there would be enough hot water to fill my bath tub after taking a shower.

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No need. I take a shower every third Tuesday in Leap Year, whether I need it or not.

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there’s a difference?

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I shower to get clean. I soak in a tub to feel good. I tend not to let my filth get to the point where “stewing” ensues.

So, no.

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If I take a bath, it is always a bubble bath. So I have a shower head that can be detached and after my bath I usually spray the bubbles off of me and the tub.

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I almost never take a bath, but if I did, no shower after that.

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Yep, showers are to get clean, baths are to relax and considering it is 2017 not 1817, most people are not soaking in a tub full of a months worth of body dirt and drowned lice. That said however, I too have a detatchable shower head so do rinse after my bath to remove any soap residue.

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I sometimes take a bath after I shower. I do that when the shower is inside a bath.

Once in a blue moon I do the opposite. If I feel like I can’t rinse my hair out well in the bath I’ll take a shower after. My last house had a hand held shower thingy on the tub to take care of that problem.

Usually, when I take a bath I just take a bath.

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I wouldn’t think of it, normally. I’ve used up enough hot water doing only either.

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I have not taken a bath in over 30 years

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Yeh, my after bath “shower” is more like a rinse off. I have one of those detachable shower heads that I use.

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No. I’d have to be really filthy and really worried about it before I’d do that.

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I love a good bath. The apartment I am currently living in I signed the lease without seeing it. The first thing I did once I got keys was run in and see if there was a bathtub. There was and I was so happy.

However. I have a feeling mold would get really bad if I put in a shower curtain here. So I just take a bath and get all filthy and then I squat and rinse while the water drains. I think a elderly person lived here before. The hose for the showerhead is incredibly long.

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Like @canidmajor, I have a shower to get clean and my main reason for having a bath is because of the joy of laying around in warm water. I do wash of course, and no, I wouldn’t then go and have a shower.

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I shower right after my daily run & bathe whenever the saucy maid from below stairs is on shift.

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I only take a bath to soak my sore muscles, when the occasion calls for it. And yes, I take a quick shower after…

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Either/or but not both in a row.

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I never take baths. Showers are quick and get you clean. We live in a drought area, so filling a bathtub is out of the question, but the idea of sitting around in skin flakes, and sweat soup is not appealling.

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@anniereborn I haven’t had a bath in years. I take showers.

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