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Pomp and Circumstance: What were you anticipating about life at your high-school graduation?

Asked by Yellowdog (6037points) May 23rd, 2018

Its graduation fever this time of year. I’ve been to several. And every time I hear “Pomp and Circumstance” played AT A GRADUATION CEREMONY, I have strong memories of my own.

I was lucky enough to have a school with an excellent live band

My High School graduation stands out above the rest of graduations because, for most of us, it is when we are anticipating really leaving home and moving into the adult world (which we have mostly only illusions and impressions of) — The Prom is still in our memory, and other supportive events that help inspire High School seniors that their lives matter and that they are going places.

There may have been Senior Picnics, skip days, a baccalaureate service, field or Olympic events, College recruitment events, Senior luncheons, the Prom, some community or Rus event, even recognition of your achievement by other groups besides your school.

In a changing world with gun violence and political upheaval, it may be a very different world now. And maybe things were not so good even then.

But lets keep focus on what YOU were thinking, feeling, reflecting, and anticipating / hoping for—at the time of your High School graduation

So what was YOUR graduation like? What did you reflect on about your life up to that point, and where did you feel that you were going in life?

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As far as my graduation, I had already stopped attending high school mid year, and started attending college. Graduation only happened in June, so I did join everyone in my class for graduation. When I arrived, it was done off site, I felt like an outsider. I talked to a few people, but most were either in their clique, or very focused on the event back to happen.

I had no idea what the line up was for the ceremony. It wound up we had JW Marriott Jr. as the guest speaker and he was great. I don’t remember the speech well, but it was a pretty neat thing to have someone from such a successful family, a major corporation, give the commencement speech for a high school class.

I don’t remember at all what I did afterwards. I probably went to lunch with my family. I don’t remember going to any parties.

I was already going to college part time and working part time, and that stayed the same for another year until I transferred to a university.

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At the time of my graduation I had enrolled and applied for an associate degree in Business and Hotel/Restaurant management. I was thinking that when I got my degree I would apply for a business loan and build a resort. Like, I would be ready to go and people would laud my great ideas and business plan. Gradually, over many years, this plan became a Retreat Center. But still hasn’t been done, My life went many other places but ultimately nowhere.

I could still DO some of the goals I had in High School, or do something more practical based on what I could have done then. But as the John Cougar Mellencamp song says, Life goes on—long after the thrill of living is gone.

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I was accepted early decision into the engineering college of my choice and had a clear understanding about what I’d be doing in the near future. I also had a summer job lined up. Life was good.
I didn’t do much socializing but it didn’t matter.

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That the draft and the war in Viet Nam would end before I got called up.

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I skipped my high school graduation, with my parents’ approval. There were 1100 of us Seniors—one more or less didn’t make a difference.

I knew I was going to college, at the place where I really wanted to go. So I was happy. At age 18, I didn’t know what I wanted as a profession. That’s what college was for.

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I was thinking that I would finish college, get a great high-paying job and marry well, and have a big family. The future was bright, I’d be a teacher and help mold kids into great human beings.

I had no idea that every day people were fighting hunger, homelessness, abuse and all the things I know now. I was very innocent in many ways about global affairs and issues, I thought voting was stupid and pointless, and politics really didn’t affect my life. Growing older and wiser has been a very enlightening process, and I’m a better person for it. Less selfish, less narcissistic, etc…

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I don’t exactly know because I wasn’t at my high school graduation, wasn’t thinking about it, and didn’t know what day it was happening. My senior project involved being in Europe and so I was thinking about the places and people where I was at the time, and how interesting and heartening it was to be in countries where I felt I would not have felt so alienated by the culture had I grown up there rather than in America. And yet I wasn’t from those countries, so I wasn’t exactly home there either, but I liked most of their culture, as opposed to how I felt about the commercial and disconnected emptiness back in the USA. When I was thinking about the future, it was about university, writing, games, and love relationships.

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Well, I haven’t graduated yet. But I will be a senior next year and so I will be graduating a year from now.
I’m hoping I get into a school with a marching band. A tech school that doesn’t cost a ton so I still have money for a car and apartment. I’m hoping to move out as soon as I graduate high school.

I want to major in Computer Science. Mainly want to go into cyber defense- maybe work in a cybercrime division somewhere but I don’t know. That might not be too realistic because I’d have to work for the government and they seem to want people who’ve attended 4-year schools.
So otherwise, I’d go into cybersecurity or computer programming. Probably a Security specialist.

I’m obviously hoping I’d get a good job, have a good family and life. I’m hoping to be successful- maybe not rich but comfortable.

I’ll be playing at this years graduation though, with other non-senior members of my band

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I was hoping to make out with my girlfriend. Didn’t happen.

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@RedDeerGuy1 That’s all?? geez!

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@kritiper I started my chambermaid job in Sept 2 1995. I wanted to be a psychologist or reasearch psychologist .

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@RedDeerGuy1 I meant you only wanted to make out with your girlfriend? Nothing more than just make out??? You didn’t want to do the nasty??? The whole enchilada??? Boinky-boinky???

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@kritiper yes. I’m human. I just don’t want an unwanted pregnancy. That screwed up many parents lives. Also I want my first time to be special. I didn’t have any access to birth control. I was broke.

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Having only spent two years in this particular high school/state and noticing that most of the students had known each other for many years I was bored to death , wanted the entire thing to be over . I was happy that classes there were over too. Where was the girl I met early on? I didn’t see her at graduation so I was really feeling out of everything.
I am not sure if my father had made the announcement by this time that I was going directly to college forty miles from our house. That’s when the fun started.

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Well, I’m a millennial, so I guess I thought I was about to make $100,000 a year with a philosophy degree.

Just joshing. I was just excited to move on with my life. I had become a bit sick of high school; not overly negative about it, but I was eager for what came next. I was both nervous and excited for the next stage, especially since I already knew my best friend was going to be my roommate. I was hoping I would enjoy the next four years more than the previous four (and I did. A lot more). I definitely had a “world is my oyster” outlook at that time.

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I was home schooled by a mother that didn’t care since I couldn’t be smoked from a light-bulb.

I missed 4 years of school where I had no supervision. Speed is good high mother…

So when I bailed I had pretty much taken my last formal class in the 7th grade. And when I went in with my sister to get in high school they were all. Technically a junior. And then a confusion bomb. Nobody knew how to deal with this. There was a big gap in my education. Do they put my old ass into Jr. High. Or stick me in with my peers and roll the dice?

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Ah man, I was so optimistic. I was proud I had graduated top of my class despite my illness and was pretty sure that was proof that being sick would never hold me back from anything. I was so excited – and nervous – to leave for college. I certainly didn’t expect that I’d only be able to get through 2 months of college before my health would require me to drop out. It all worked out OK in the end though.

I was planning to major in physics and become a NASA scientist or engineer. That didn’t happen either, but I’m fine with where I am in life.

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