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Cottage cheese with a fork or a spoon?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24568points) July 9th, 2018

For years – decades – I have eaten my cottage cheese with a fork. I don’t know why I started—perhaps something I saw as a child and kept on doing it all these years.

A family member saw me eating cottage cheese this weekend and commented “why aren’t you using a spoon? That’s the right way.”

What’s your method of eating cottage cheese?

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Spoon, generally.

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Neither. You spread it on bread with a knife.

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Neither…I don’t eat Cottage Cheese at all!!!
My family has always eaten Cottage Cheese with a fork.
I say eat it ANY WAY you like it just it ALL goes into your mouth!!!

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Fork. Not sure why either…

Well. I only eat the large curd kind, I might have issues with a fork and small curd…

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Cottage cheese is better eaten by the mouth. But a fork or spoon may be used to stuff it in there.
(Spoon, with pepper.)

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Big straw.

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Fork. With a sprinkle of pepper on the top. ~Like nature intended.

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How about with a spork??? One of those inventions that is a spoon with fork tines on the end of the spoon.

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I used a fork last time and it wasn’t easy, so spoon.

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What difference does it make?

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Nobody has sporks in their silverware drawer!

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I don’t have silverware in my silverware drawer

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All my stuff is stainless steel.

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But nobody calls it a stainless steel drawer.

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@Dutchess_III I have sporks in my utensil drawer.

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A spork is a hybrid. It has NO place in this thread, anymore than cottage cheese with fruit…

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Or cottage cheese in jello…

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@Dutchess_III I like cream cheese with Jell-O.

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And….. We’re off the rails….

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My Mom loved fruit in her cottage cheese & always added cottage cheese to her jello. I ate my ice cream today with a spork. The spork was free with the purchase of an ice cream!!! As a matter of fact, the manager gave me 4 of them just in case I needed them later on. Had I returned home to get a spoon, my ice cream would have been a warm milkshake!!!

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Richard Nixon used a “fork”:

Evidence that right thinking people should use a spoon.

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I believe that the spoon, is a tool of the feeble minded, so sure, those on the right just shovel it in there…

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Spoon is the correct answer.

And while this might be a bit off-topic, spoons are the superior utensil to a fork overall. A fork is almost unnecessary, while life without a spoon isn’t worth living.

@zenvelo is also correct. Fork preference correlates with right-wing/conservative political beliefs, with length of tine indicating how right-wing one is.

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Spoon if you want the whey, fork if you don’t.

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I dish the cottage cheese out of the container with a spoon and eat it with the same spoon. A spoon is best for getting the last bit out of the carton. Just thought I’d throw this out…

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