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Do any women wear pantyhose anymore?

Asked by MooCows (3206points) August 8th, 2018

Even when I wear a dress I do not wear them.
Can’t remember the last time I purchased any.
I do wear leggings in the winter but not hose.

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Somebody must, stores all over sell them.
When my daughter started showing an interest in some expression of femininity, I bought her some panty hose in various shades, and some knee high nylons so she could experiment with what suited her. She opted for none of the above.
There are now designer hose though, and she enjoyed the ones I got for her. They have them with all sorts of designs printed on, including fishnet with a fake seam up the back.

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I haven’t in a long time, but yes some women still do. I dance with an international folk dancing group, and some of the women wear pantyhose when we perform.

Also, I’m pretty sure my MIL would if she had to wear a skirt. She has very bad veins and doesn’t like to show her legs because of it. She will get into a bathing suit, but I think if it was a formal occasion she might pull out the pantyhose.

For sure pantyhose are used much much less than years past. Thank goodness! Spending money on pantyhose was annoying, and they are a pain in general. Although, with some shoes it’s more comfortable to have hose on than be barefoot. That’s always a dilemma. Sometimes it’s the reverse problem, women want to wear hose, but also want to wear their open toe shoes.

Women definitely still wear tights in the winter, but that’s a different thing.

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They must around here. Especially in the winter.

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I used to wear pantyhose when wearing a fancy dress for a evening out like New Years Eve etc, as nylons make the legs alluring with the shine etc.
Plus it keeps dresses from crawling or bunching up as the sheer nylon makes the dress stay down.
Nowadays women wear self wide lace elastic built in nylons to be sexy for their boyfriends or husband .

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My mother wear them. That’s one.

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My former employer required hosiery of some sort for women wearing skirts or dresses. It could be pantyhose or tights, but not leggings. I left there in 2017, so this is pretty recent.

I used to wear them all the time with a dress or skirt because my legs are so pale. I finally said to heck with it this year. If people don’t want to be blinded by the white, they can look somewhere else.

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We hardly wear dresses any more. But if I was to wear a dress (which I haven’t in 15 years) then I would wear panty hose. It makes your legs look much nicer than just bare legs (unless you’re 20 years old with a perfect tan.)
I’ll often wear knee high panty hose in lieu of socks for business dress..

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Color pantyhose, yes.
Skin tone pantyhose, no.

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I don’t know anyone that wears hose. If anything it would be tights in winter, black or colors.

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I do on occasion just to change up my style. My boyfriend would sure not mind if I wore them more lol. But I limit it to only 2 or 3 days a month, maybe on special occasions.

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