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How do you spend your time online?

Asked by imrainmaker (8336points) 2 months ago

How much time do you spend on Fluther daily? What percentage of overall time is spent on other sites like news/ shopping / blogs / sports / medicines etc. on an average?

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~Every.. waking.. moment. About 20— 40 times a day checking answers and answering questions, While watching tv and radio. I surf from question to question. About 50% of my day is sleep then online. Sometimes I go shopping for fruit, meat and frozen veggies.

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Photo editing for a book.
Genealogy research on Family history.
Amazon for new books of interest.
The first two of my list I sped about 10 hours a day, just like a job, except it is my hobby, and I like it. However I take a break every twenty min for minimal damage to eyes from eyestrain on devices.

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Very little time is spent on Fluther. It’s checked in the morning and evening. Facebook gets checked twice and may take a bit longer to peruse. News channels probably take up most of the time. Occasionally, there is a tv show that captures attention, but it is rare.

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An hour or two, mostly on the can, sitting in traffic, laying in bed or sitting through call-in meetings until it’s my turn to say something.

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Watching instructional videos related to business and self improvement.

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Depending what’s going on in Fluther world I spend anywhere from 10–30 minutes a day on here. I spend way too much mindlessly clicking on Facebook for no reason at all. It’s mostly out of habit. Aside from that, I am mostly googling randomly. As much as I hate to admit it, the majority of my day is wasted online.

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Fluther, maybe 30 min-one hour, depending on my time and if anything’s interesting. If there’s a good question that requires research, more time.

I check various other sites as well at least once or twice a day.

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