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What's one thing you agree with Trump on? Just one.

Asked by Jeruba (48494points) September 24th, 2018

He hates John Bolton’s mustache. I do too.


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He has an attractive wife,I agree with him on that.

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I’m not a fan of the Jews either.

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Being a veteran, I am pleased with every improvement he provides us.

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That his golf handicap could be improved.

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That his loud, crass & tedious detractors are sad, desperate losers…mostly.

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I agree that Washington DC is a swamp that needs to be drained.

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I agreed with him on more than one thing in the past, but now he changed a whole bunch of it, or was lying then or now, or, just went crazy. I don’t know.

I’ll assume you are asking about present day, so I’ll say I agree with him that the healthcare industry is robbing us, I just completely disagree with how he wants to fix it. See that, even when I agree with him it becomes tainted. Ugh.

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Push back against China.

( ok I’m gonna throw up now )

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I’m groping to think of one.

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The US Embassy opened in Jerusalem! Hooray!

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That you need to address NK directly instead of hoping the problem goes away.

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Still trying to think of something. I’ll get back to you on this.

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That, from the standpoint of water, hurricane Florence was tremendously wet.

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At this point, I can’t think of one damn thing!!!

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He lies to his base because he knows they are stupid.

I don’t agree with the lying part. He’s right about stupid.

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^^ Saying his worshipers are stupid might be overestimating them. It could be that they are just as vain and cruel as he is.

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I am very pro-Israel and have friends and family who are Jewish, but myself have, if anything, Scottish and German background. Pretty much the same as Trump..

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^^ That’s almost as brilliant as a Catholic parent worshiping the priest who molested their child!!!

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That Ted Cruz is one awful icky lying person.

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The National Debt is dangerous to the future of the country.
(He has also taken the opposite position)

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He could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose voters.

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Still pondering this question. There has to be something…

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^^ Good luck finding it!!! LoL

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<——Scratching @chyna‘s head.

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That the high price of prescription drugs in the US is a serious problem. His strategy for fixing that problem is stupid and proving ineffectual, but we at least agree it’s a problem.

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He has just come out in favor of a two state solution to the Palestinian problem.

Of course the devil is in the details, which he says will be coming in a few months. Given his acceptance of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, I probably will find a lot to disagree with in the plan that he offers.

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That SNL isn’t funny anymore. First introduction and the start of Weekend Update are only parts worth watching.

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They lost sight of what the show was.
There was always political humor, but everything, political or not was whimsical. Now it seems their two greatest goals are to be republican bashing, and trying to see how repugnant they can get and still remain on the air.
Remember land sharks and killer bees? Stupid, but funny.

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It is hard to be funny when bashing Republicans. The things that Trump and his supporters say are so off the wall that they can’t be exaggerated. I watched this season’s opening Kavanaugh hearing sequence. Most of what was said by those portraying Republicans was pretty close to what they actually said, and just as absurd.

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Ugh. Loyal SNL fan here. I never give up on the things I love. Sorry, but not sorry. SNL rules.Have never missed an episode. The show is almost as old as I am.

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