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How would you react, if women became the bigger, stronger, and faster sex?

Asked by Brian1946 (28383points) October 4th, 2018

What would you do after your initial reaction?

How do you think some other people would react?

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I’m six feet tall and 130 pounds and smoke a pack a day.

The woman are already bigger, stronger, and faster.

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In my observation so many people are in such poor shape that this makes little difference. A really fit female will outpace most out of shape men. Men are wimps on average compared to the way they were 60 years ago.
@johnpowell Dude, it’s time to eat a chesseburger.

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Really immaterial – size is less important than upbringing. You don’t make women into hunter-gatherers just because they are larger.

Besides, I’m tall. I wish there were more tall women.

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That would be fun!

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@zenvelo That crossed my mind too!
Snoo snoo

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I’m 6’3 or 4” (depending on how long I have been standing-knees and discs are a problem)
I weigh give or take 215 lbs.
I can do 80 PUs , and 80 SUs in two minutes
I can run a mile and a half in boots in 11 minutes- not great but I’m getting older.

In the scenerio you described, I would probably be shocked.
Might be interesting though.
I’m willing to wait until they catch up.

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I’d let them hunt and I would gather. It would be easier in the long run.

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Mostly, it wouldn’t make a difference. Luckily, America for the most part doesn’t have a culture of people with more physical might having more power. Or, I think it’s lucky. Physical power still matters, that’s why there are guns I guess. Money seems to be the thing that matters most in terms of power in our society.

Maybe women would be laying the cement blocks for houses instead of men here where I live. Or, maybe women would be pushing forward cement houses built by huge 3D printers, and let the machines do it.

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@josie! Back in the day, I could do 50 and 50. Now I can’t even count to 80 in 2 minutes!

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Um…”Yes, Mistress.”

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