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Are there any very poor people in United States?

Asked by Suivre (23points) October 6th, 2018

Yes, it’s just fiction, but all americans are rich in American movies and series.

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Absolutely. I have traveled across this country several times and I can tell you there are places where people live in shacks that have no electricity or plumbing. There are millions of homeless in our cities. There are poor people in just about every state of the union.

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Yes, Hollywood movies and television very often try to pass off as “normal” people who have just received an hour or more of hair & makeup from professionals, wear all brand-new clothing, drive brand-new cars from the show’s sponsors, use brand new electronics from the show’s sponsors, and live in extremely expensive huge professionally cleaned houses full of brand-new professionally cleaned furniture, and can afford medical attention, and go out to fancy restaurants frequently, and are not spending much of their time and energy working a jobs they don’t like much, are not in debt, etc, even when the characters are not supposed to be particularly wealthy.

And no, few few Americans live that way or are wealthy enough to have all of that, though it is the ideal presented by our movies, TV, and stores, so some people try.

Most Americans are far less well off, and there are many poor people, and many homeless people.

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Heck, yes. There are homeless people almost everywhere. I see them on almost every busy street corner with their cardboard signs that end with “God bless.”
Myself, I don’t have health insurance because I make too much for Medicaid but not enough to buy health insurance in the health care marketplace.

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Of course we have poor but we also have a lot of food banks, clothing banks and many wonderful people to help. Many regular folks give a lot in their own communities.

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I once attended a talk given by someone who asked which people make more money, the lower 10% in the U.S. or the top 10% in an impoverished nation. The answer was that you are better off being poor in the U.S.

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People sleep under an expressway bridge 100 yards from my apartment. They have piles of blankets and sometimes tents. When the camps get too elaborate the city removes them and they start over.

Here’s a picture taken a few years ago.

That is unusually fancy. I am not kidding or exaggerating.

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There is still a great deal of poverty in Appalachia and this is generational poverty unlike homelessness you find in cities where it’s mostly drug abuse and mental illness. There are support systems in cities but not up in the hills.
There is also an enormous number of people just getting by. They may have a car and even a home or apartment but there is little more than enough to eat and watch TV.

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Yes. Many homeless people. Our streets are not paved with gold. There is also murders and gangs and crooked politicians. Freedom only really applies to the rich and well connected because they can buy it at any time. And racism is on an all time high it seems. On the flip side of that. There are many people who give to good causes, and charities and those who may not have much volunteer time to good causes. And some good politicians who fight for the less fortunate.

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