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How many election robocalls did you get last night?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24709points) 2 months ago

Between 5:30 and 7:30 pm, I got four robocalls.

- One for Stacey Abrams
– One for Brian Kemp
– One in favor of one of the issues / initiatives on the ballot in Georgia (I voted against it – it’s a bad idea)
– The racist robocall that was put out by Kemp supporters

How many calls did you get?

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Only one that took up most of my recorder.

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None. (Hooray!)

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I must be living right..I received NONE!!!

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I got two Robo-Texts.

How rude.

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None last night. A lot last week and the week before. I wonder if they somehow know I voted already? Last weeks I had several texts.

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All day long. It never let up. Dog was berserk.

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@canidmajor You must live in one of those “battleground states”.

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Not really, but close enough to a few places. Such a pain.

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We have “Nomorobo”: through our phone service (cable based or VOIP) it was free.

Rings once that is it.

So I don’t know but we had four Robo calls yesterday.

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None, but lots of texts. I am not a nice person. I tell them to fuck off and it turns out they are real people. (I think? The responses to the one I answered nicely seemed very human)

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