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Has a leech ever been attached to you?

Asked by Patty_Melt (16648points) November 9th, 2018

Yeahhhh, no. I am not talking clingy kids, ex, or the IRS. I’m not meaning emotional attachment either.
Has anyone ever had an actual leech on them?
Could you feel it?
How was it removed?
I see those little boys come out of the water covered with leeches, and I get the heebee geebees. (Bee Gees? No, that’s not right.)
I’m wondering if anyone can tell me from experience what it is like.

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Yep, I had a couple after swimming in a lake that had a marshy end, and I walked out through some mud. Washed m y feet and ankles off, and I couple were on my feet.

They hadn’t attached, so I just pulled them off and threw them in the weeds.

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Nope, only the human kind which is harder to get rid of than any real leech. The one where you have to chop body parts off to detach.

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@zenvelo, I didn’t know they could be on you without being attached.
Do you have any idea how long it takes them to be attached?

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A few times while wading in muddy creeks in my teens. We’d drive around looking for swimming holes in the country. All I remember is having leeches and pulling them off. No big deal then, but today wouldn’t go in the mud without waders and boots.

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Yes. A little bit of salt removed them.

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Yes. My wife’s nephew lived with us for seven years.

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Yeah, I’ve had them attached a few time. No big deal. Just pulled them off. The hardest part is having someone look in the areas you can’t and pull them off from there.

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I have never been pregnant.

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A friend’s young son had a few on him after we went swimming in a pond. His mom pulled them off.

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Yeah, as a kid playing in creeks. I would basically tear them off and go about my day if I remember right. It was always in the nasty stagnant water I should not have been playing in anyway. Only happened a couple of times and they were small.

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I did, once. Got it wading around in the big creek in our back yard. Mom just pulled it off. That hurt a little, and it left a little bleeding spot.
My sisters each got one at about the same time.
In the 13 years of wading around in that creek that was the only time we ever got a leech.

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Did it creep you out?

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Not really. I mean, it did a little bit, but I was a country girl. Ticks attached to me creeped me out more, but I even got used to those.

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this reminds me of a cruel childhood prank my friends told me after seeing The Sandlot and Stand By Me, I haven’t thought about it in years. I think we were 11. My friends floated the idea to go into an area that had leeches and ask one of our female friends to take off a leech off of his genitals. I threatened to punch my friend in the face if he ever attempted the prank. Fortunately he never did

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No, not personally. We saw them for sale while in Istanbul, Turkey, on the market.

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Oh! Were they sold as food, or for medical reasons?

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Based upon the photo of a woman with two leeches attached to her forehead, probably medicinal purposes. We didn’t ask.

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Yeah, as a kid.

Oh, and I picked up a few in Mexico during my college years.

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