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What do you think about ongoing violence in France?

Asked by Rohith (392points) 2 months ago

I never thought there would be so much violent protests for fuel tax applied by the French government. What do you think?

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What made Macron think that raising gas taxes was a good idea?

I haven’t followed the whole story, but from what little I know, there wasn’t a compelling reason to do so. France has a long history of over-taxing people. I imagine Macron thought he could get away with it.

On the other hand, burning up some cars is better than burning people.

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Another good excuse for the anarchists to trash stuff. (I’m not saying all protesters are anarchists*, but they* always show up to wreak wanton destruction.)

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“I guess what’s specific to this movement is that it is relatively apolitical, so they (the protesters) are not from just one party on the left or right. They’re white, middle-class people that are squeezed by the welfare state. They pay a lot of taxes but they don’t get a lot of benefits in return,” she told CNBC’s Julianna Tatelbaum in Paris.

Kudos to them, minus the violence.

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I just watched a video on it. It’s terrible, but they need their voices heard. I don’t know if this is the way to do it, but it sure got Macrons attention.

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I think it is about nationalism. The people demand a say. Forget one world order and faux climate change. Macron said nationalism is treason. From a people perspective, one world order is treason.

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This is a predictable end to the globalist efforts to control the people with carbon taxes.

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“Let your voice be heard, whether or not it is to the taste of every
jack-in-office who may be obstructing the traffic. By all means, render unto
Caesar that which is Caesar’s—but this does not necessarily include
everything that he says is his.”

― Denis Johnston, Irish writer

Looks like the Macron government overplayed the environmental hand. And anyone is surprised? Just like politicians to imagine that just because they think it, everybody else will quietly accept it.

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I feel sorry for the couple who saved for years to visit Paris only to be confined to their hotel the whole time.

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@YARNLADY -this isn’t exactly the same, but I had funny and unexpected thing happen to me in about 2006 when I was in Paris.

I had gone there for business and then was going to stay the rest of the week and be a tourist. My colleague and I went to visit the customers and then he went home. We had heard about a student demonstration / strike that was threatened, as Paris is known for. This particular strike had to do with graduate students not being hired as full university employees, or some such thing.

Anyway, the students called a strike. The Metro was shut down, the RER was shut down; you couldn’t get anywhere across town except by taxi, and those were hard to get.

So I walked. All over Central Paris that day. Minimal traffic because a lot of offices were closed (no transportation). I had a wonderful time. Some cafes had closed, but many were open, and I had a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable day just wandering around the city.

The strike ended that night, the bistros opened up, and I caught my train to the airport the following morning.,

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The difference between France and California is that when California proposes a tax (any tax) the populace enthusiastically support it. There isn’t a tax that California doesn’t like.

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I think it would be wise for Washington to observe. You can’t just screw your population, without ramifications.

I don’t support violence from the start, but if it’s necessary do it. I read that France lifted the fuel tax. The means justified the ends.

In this day and age, the wealthy will simply pummel the rest of us, until we scare them. Then they let off of our throats a bit. It’s definitely a shame that it has to come to that…

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@MrGrimm888 haha, remember which party supports the NRA before you talk too big. :)

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I never talk too big. My father was in special forces. I have an arms collection that is comparable with the most paranoid conservatives. I’m bigger, and stronger, and better trained. I have no intention of shooting a fellow American though, under almost any circumstances. But I will break arms, jaws, or whatever of those cowards who wish to bully the country around. I won’t be hiding. If they want to make America great again, we can dance wherever. I’ve got nothing to lose, as you know…

Remember that America was a small kid on the block, when they defeated a British army that had taken over most of the world. Never underestimate an opponent.

I go fishing where the “Swamp Fox” hung out, a lot. “Hell Hole Swamp.” It’s a constant reminder of my home field advantage. The alt-right is welcome to try to hunt me down there. They’ll need snake chaps, a canoe, and the balls to paddle amongst hundreds of alligators. I couldn’t be less worried about the cowards who need an AR-15 to go to a peaceful protest…

I’m sure that they’ll be good at mass shootings, bombings, or driving cars into crowds. In any situation regarding being a real man, I have a massive advantage. I have thrown dozens of conservative assholes out of dozens of clubs. They all spout the same shit. They tell me how superior they are. They tell me that they’ll have me fired. Some have come back and shot at my venue. They all got their asses kicked, or are in prison. Turns out that white Christian males are far worse than immigrants, in regards to being a problem in society. Speaking with a couple decades of experience.

No. Not afraid of the right. They are just cowards. Most are far bellow average intelligence. Interestingly enough, their religious differences will keep them from ever being completely organized.

When one ponders whom should be afraid of revolution, one needs look no further than ANY Trump appearance in the world. He is protested in almost every country. He is loved by ⅓ of a country of less than 400 million. He is despised by about 6.5 billion. I personally love those odds. Lots of his supporters will die out. Especially when the GOP takes away all Medicare, the ACA, and social security. Uh oh. Hold on. The dems might stop that! More reason to hate them…......

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@MrGrimm888 You may be too young to have seen Patrick Swayze in Next of Kin, that’s what your post brought to mind lol

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You should be thinking more Red Dawn…

I have to bring up Road House. “Pain don’t hurt.”....

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@MrGrimm888 I have plenty of Red Dawn bubba’s around here….lol

I love Roadhouse, too. You know that was based on a bar in Jasper, MO?

“Although the film is set in the town of Jasper, Missouri, the exterior of the film’s infamous bar The Double Deuce was built strictly for the filming on location in California and then was torn down.May 19, 2014”

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^No. I never researched the movie. Interesting info. Thanks.

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