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How do you clean the windows of your home and how often do you clean them?

Asked by flutherother (34521points) February 13th, 2019

I haven’t yet found the ideal way as however careful I am I still leave marks on the glass that show up in the sunlight.

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With an organic type of window cleaner and microfibre cloths – and a lot of time because it never works very well.

To answer your second question: Barely ever. Maybe once every 3–6 months or so. They don’t seem to get that dirty.

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Windex, and (old) newspapers.

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@longgone I clean mine about as often, every six months or so on average. I am on the first floor so the windows don’t get very dirty unless it has been very stormy. I like to clean them in the spring on a sunny day so the glass becomes so transparent it doesn’t seem to be there – but those streaks and smudges are annoying.

@rebbel I haven’t tried old newspapers. I have been using rubber blades which the professionals use but my technique seems not so good.

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@flutherother Give it a try once.
I did, sure it wouldn’t work, but it does work wonderful.
Just keep using dry, folded pieces, until all Windex dried.
No stripes, pure clarity.

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Outside: hot water, dishwasing liquid, garden hose, squeegees. Inside: windex & newspapers.

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Outside: the rain cleans it off fine. Inside once a year and once every three months the edge.

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Maybe twice a year.

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I clean the inside maybe twice a year, with Windex and newspaper. I might do the outside once a year, if at all.

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I don’t clean them often enough. I clean my sliding glass doors to the back patio and the sidelite for my front door every two months. Right around where you open the glass doors gets fingerprints and I clean there more often.

My windows to the back of the house I clean once a year on a good year. The other windows even less, can be many years.

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I hit all the windows once a year (more often as needed) using Windex and a Swiffer mop with a towel on the end. Of course it leaves streaks but I’m mainly after the dirt.

Streaks don’t bother me (much) and my wife is oblivious to them. So what the heck.

What I hate are water spots. OUT DAMN SPOTS!!!

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An old waitress trick is to use vinegar & wadded up newspaper. The vinegar cleans the glass very well & the newspaper keeps the streaking to a minimum.

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Once every 33 months 3–½ weeks and I use nail polish remover with acetone. Never particular about what cloth to use.

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4 or 5 times a year. Now that the dogs are gone, though I expect it will be easier to keep them clean.
Sometimes I just go after it with warm dish water and a rag to get stickier spots off before I hit it with Windex, a squeegee blade, then go over it one more time with a paper towel. I tell my self the streaks are a safety precaution.

I will have to get me a newspaper and try that guys. @rebbel….do you just keep reusing the same newspaper, letting it dry inbetween?

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No @Dutchess_III, I just use two half pages for one (small) window, and throw the wet papier maché balls aside (sometimes reusing one to wipe a resisting dirt away, without having to wet the whole window pane again).
I forgot, but I remembered through @LadyMarissa again; my mother-in-law also used to use vinegar.

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I have used vinegar.

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I don’t. We have a maid for that. I see her clean the windows with a bucket of water and a cloth, everyday.

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Here in warmer weather ( I live in cold climate) I clean them once a week or as needed.
I used to use soapy warm water to first clear the grime off them ( I live in a 2nd floor apartment) then rinse, then Windex them.
But changed after talking with a company that does this everyday for clients..he stated to first use soapy warm ( or even hot) water to clean the dirt , dust buildup of grime,then rinse, then use commercial window washer liquid that commonly used for your car window washer.
Cleans like a charm, as the alcohol in these liquids air dry faster before streaks even occur.
I used a cloth to put this liquid on and it air dried very streaks at all.

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Newspaper is lint-free and a bit abrasive, so is good for windows.

I’ve heard of some people using it for car washing but, because it’s abrasive, they ended up with scratches in their paint :(.

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The girl that is the host of Clean My Space says you should use alcohol & a microfiber cloth. Spray the alcohol on & then wipe quickly with the microfiber. Unless you get the window too wet, the alcohol will evaporate without streaking. Haven’t tried this one, but she has never let me down with hr other suggestions that I have tried!!!

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