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What’s with Trump’s pathological drive to dog the defenseless, the desperate, the sick, the disasvantaged?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) March 28th, 2019 from iPhone

I mean it never stops. If he isn’t kidnapping refugee kids, he’s busy badmouthing one of our rare non draft dodging genuine heroes—even beyond the grave. A trade war designed to put the screws to small farmers, defund the Special Olympics. Strip 20,000,000 people of their healthcare, force Medicaid recipients to obtain non existent jobs to retain benefits. And on and on

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Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a bigot for father.

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He is just out of touch with the real people of your country,I mean people are poor because they choose to be poor, same with gay people.
That is how out of touch he is.
And yet to his base he can do no wrong.

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Power. He has to show that he is better than anyone else.

Disabled people, to him, are lesser beings and can be stomped on. Pushing them down makes him feel more powerful.

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Eight traits on the Hare Psychopathy checklist are:

Pathological lying.
Glib and superficial charm.
Grandiose sense of self.
Need for stimulation.
Cunning and manipulative.
Lack of remorse or guilt.
Shallow emotional response.
Callousness and lack of empathy.

Psychopathic personalities are not so unusual. What is unusual is voting one in as president.

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He’s a bully.

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It’s all about hate. He must know what a powerful force it is.

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Because those are the groups ones that generate the most publicity.
He seems to be pandering to an audience as if still on his TV show that aired years ago.
He seems stuck in that role and having cameras on him at all times.
Does he have a “God” complex?
In the end it is of his own doing that he will fall.

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(You forgot “The dead” in your list.)

He is insecure, has no self esteem, and he’s stupid. He thinks by bullying all those groups no one will notice his short comings.

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It’s just a game to him. He really doesn’t care about anyone or anything. A major troublemaker who thinks it’s all a big joke.

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But it just doesn’t make sense. Why alienate people needlessly?

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I have a strong feeling he doesn’t see 90% of what is said about him. I read once that the aides control what articles he sees in what paper. I think he honestly thinks most of us love him.

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The man is the most pathetic kind of evil. Wouldn’t stop at anything just to be the biggest guy in the room.

He probably knows it. His voters are letting him be his evil self because they feed off each other.

Never really knew real hardship in his life. Probably not his fault since he was inundated with wealth since infancy. But the evils things he’s doing as White House clown, Russian stooge and coward wannabe tough-guy——that’s all on him.

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It harnesses the hatred of his base by directing it at the ones they feel threatened by and the ones they feel guilty for mistreating, justifying their behavior so they can think better of themselves. That gives him power.

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His voters see him as validating their deepest, darkest impulses.

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He’s greedy for money, power, and fame. He doesn’t give a shit about anyone except himself. That’s it. It ain’t rocket science

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Also, he is incredibly stupid. He was congratulating somebody, maybe Lake Michigan, for its record deepness. (FYI, it’s no where near any record.)

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It demonstrates his power, and stirs the pot among the masses, and I think he marvels at how people can be controlled. I always picture him saying to one of his buddies, “here, watch this,” and then he says something that his base should hate, and instead they rally around him like he’s a God. It is fascinating as a case study. Horrifying in so many other ways though.

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You’re right. He said he could stand in the middle of times square and shoot someone and they’d still vote for him. Remember how we laughed? Now I’m really starting to think it’s true.
I don’t think he marvels, though. It’s what he expects.

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^^He marveled at it when Bush and Kerry were running. How the republicans could be easily convinced that Bush was like a war hero, and supportive of our troops, and Kerry was a horrible antiAmerican antimitary person and candidate, when actually Bush had dodged the draft and Kerry served. Trump has been very aware of this behavior, and I think studying it for a long time.

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I guess I’ll need to see some articles on it because I don’t recall that. If he did, well, I think there is very little that comes out of trump’s mouth that are his own original thoughts.

I honestly don’t think he has the brains to really be aware. He’s just doing what he’s always done…reacting, and getting away with it.

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I did a Q, but all we could find was the transcript from a Howard Stern show. I was hoping to find video of him talking about it, which I have seen before, but I don’t remember who he was talking to.

Trump says in the Stern transcript: Well, one of the greatest spin jobs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched a lot of spin over the years, is what they did with Kerry. They made Kerry, who whether he was a great hero, or a modest hero, or at least just went and got shot at…They made him into a guy who was a total war failure and Bush is this great war hero, and you know it’s sort of amazing. I thought it was one of, you know, the swift boat…I thought it was one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever seen. So they made Kerry, who really went into this whole thing as a war hero, and he’s coming out like somebody that’s really damaged goods. And, Bush who obviously wasn’t a war hero, is looking awfully good.

Here’s the link:

I’ll never forget hearing Trump say it. He said the Republicans were better at campaigning. I believe Trump specifically chose the party that he believed he could coerce and manipulate easily and that would make rich people richer.

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Well, he was just repeating something he heard. I doubt he had any idea what it really meant. I believe he specifically chose a party because it was all a joke to begin with. He never expected to really win.

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@JLeslie, Anyone who would say ”Look at the fact that (if Hillary had won) we would have been powered by wind, which wouldn’t have worked, by the way, because it only blows sometimes, and lots of problems come about. or claims that the Great Lakes set a “record for deepness” is not someone who does a lot of studying or observing or making logical conclusions.
If he makes any rational sense at all it’s because he’s reading other people’s words, or parroting other people’s thoughts.

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^^Sure, I accept he’s parotting, and saying ridiculous things a lot of time. I’m not sure what that has to do with him understanding how to sway people?

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My point is he is not deliberately trying to sway people. That requires a plan. It reqires thought. It reqires the intelligence to determine what to say and how to say it. He doesn’t have that. He just blathers and idiots cheer.

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^^Maybe. I do think it’s possible some of it is deliberate. He blathers, as you put it, and then he doubles down on things that help him, and backs off of the things that don’t.

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The only thing that I can think of that he has backed down on is the Special Olympics.
What are some other examples?

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^^During the primaries he threw out there that planned parenthood does some good things for many women, he stopped saying that as far as I know. He also said the health insurers and other hands in the medical industry are robbing us, I don’t hear those words really anymore. He tried to bring up that 9/11 happened while Bush was in office, I don’t hear him criticize Bush anymore. He said a transgendered person could use any bathroom they would like in his buildings, and now he is doing things that seem to be anti-transgendered people. He just goes with what gives him more loyalty and more power I think. He’s good at it though. For now. He might be one his own worst enemy, we’ll see. He said he’s not going to let anyone die in the street, and then turned to the other republicans running and said “maybe you will, but I won’t.”

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What do these things have in common: “The defenseless, the desperate, the sick, the disadvantaged [the dead].
They are all “weak.” Trump is a bully.

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