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Does anyone KNOW what time it is?

Asked by Patty_Melt (15197points) April 18th, 2019

IT’S PARTY TIME!!!!! @KNOWITALL has reached 20,000 leagues under the sea! No, wait, 20,000 lurve. I’m pretty sure, but, I don’t KNOWITALL.

WHATEVER! LET’S partayyyy!

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Congratulations Knowitall! Thanks for sticking around and adding your two cents to the weird mix that is Fluther. Keep on swimming!

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Congrats Knowitall!! I don’t know-it-all, but I know I’m glad you’re here! :)

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Congratulations Admiral KNOWITALL.

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Hey @KNOWITALL Congrats on the well deserved 20k.

We’ve had some interesting and informative discussions. Thanks for being here.
Enjoy the beach!

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Thanks all, I’m amazed I’m still here myself lol. I’ve made some great friends, lost a few along the way, and hope to find more. Thanks for the companionship and lurve.
@Patty Melt Thanks buddy.

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Nice! I’m glad you’ve stuck around.

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What do you KNOW ? Con-grats !

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Congratulations, @KNOWITALL, well done!

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I don’t agree with everything you say, but I’m still glad you are here. Congrats!

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Kudos! And smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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Well, 20 grand buys you our house staff for the evening, you will find them attentive to your every whim or else they get fired upon their return.
So yeah, congrats & party on dude!!

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@ucme I can use it, remodeling is kicking my butt! Lol

@chyna Thanks, I think haha! I really do come here to learn outside the Red bubble, thats my priority here. Often I share from my region and its taken as my opinion, which isnt always the same.

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Congo rats mighty contributor! Reaching 20k is a big deal, ad reflects the value others put on you! Be proud!

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^She is indeed a valuable jelly. Well deserved @KNOWITALL .

Now. If you just change your religious, and political affiliations, you’ll be good to go! ;)

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@KNOWITALL Sometimes, I think you truly do. Clever, insightful, helpful…your answers cover it all.

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@MrGrimm Eh a person is more than those two boxes, neither of which encompass my beliefs 100%. I bet we’d get along great lol

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Woohoo!!! Congratulations!

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20Kongratulations and welcome to the mansion. Keep asking those questions and one day you will KNOWITALL! In the meantime leave your politics with your dirty shoes by the door and let’s PARTY!

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@KNOWITALL . You’re right of course. And I’m sure we’d get along fine.

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Congrats, @KNOWITALL! Have a great Easter weekend and celebrate the 20k along with it!

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Well now I KNOW even so late. Congrats, keep up the knowlege!

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Nicely done @KNOWITALL!! Glad you’re still swimming ‘round the lagoon.

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Oh Gosh I’m reaaaaaaally late. Sorry @KNOWITALL and congrats!

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