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Have all your Firefox extensions just stopped working?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43780points) May 4th, 2019

Ghostery, AdBlock Plus, Web of Trust, NoScript, etc. all stopped working. When I try to download I get a message telling me to Check my connection.
Any idea what’s going on?
Is it time to switch browsers?

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I almost asked this last night.

Yes, they have. Well, most of them, including my Ladybug theme which I think is just an image.

They are marked as incompatible, but when I search to add them, they’re there, but refuse to load.

Ah, and as I typed this, @ragingloli provides what’s up. Good to read it’s a known problem and will be fixed.

Firefox has had so many annoying updates which made plugins incompatible (and other annoying changes) in the past, that I was afraid it was just more of that.

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Thanks! I started getting ads. I thought my laptop had a virus of some sort.
I’ll wait until the dust settles before doing anything.
They’ll fix it. (I hope)

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Do you have studies enabled in your preferences? Go to about:studies in your address bar and see if hotfix-update-xpi-signing-intermediate-bug is there. If you don’t have studies enabled turn it on and it should pull the hotfix in about a hour.

And if you are a nerd I would suggest looking into setting up a pi-hole.

I run it on a Rasperry Pi B3+ along with Syncthing. It does network wide ad blocking. So your Roku and phones and everything else on your network will get ad blocking without install software on each device. Here is my mess.

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Looka the John man, back to nerding fluther! He’s like, nothing happen, I jus’ fixen yer tech stuff.

Welcome back to paradise, John Powell!

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@johnpowell I just enables studies 8:46 PM That box was not selected.

Thanks! You’re my hero!

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The latest news

So guess I’m not going to try anything right now. The staff is exhausted, they need some more time to work on it.

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It is 6:45 AM here and it is fixed!
All extensions are working:
Adblock Plus, Cisco Webex, Fakespot, Ghostery, No-Script, NoScript, Social Fixer for Facebook, WOT Web of trust
I will look into @johnpowell‘s elegant solution. But I’ll probably just be lazy.

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Do I need to do something to get the fix at this point?

Because I still see lots of fail with my extensions.

uBlock Origin for example says it “could not be verified and has been disabled” as has my “Red Ladybug” theme – which is basically just a UI background image.

However they appear under Firefox Add-ons, with no warnings there, but if I click on “Add To Firefox” it says “Download failed. Please check your connection.” which is not accurate.

And Red Ladybug is also findable in Add-ons, but the Enable button just does absolutely nothing.

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They just pushed a version that fixes the problem. But you will need to manually install it for now.

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@johnpowell Thanks John! :-)

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