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Should survival classes be taught in public schools?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16304points) May 6th, 2019

As asked.

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We had a camp week in 6th grade. We learned how to use a compass, light a fire, all sorts of stuff. I think it was good.

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Yes. CPR too.

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Maybe as an elective.

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We had classes like that at Y !

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Unfortunately, active shooter classes are now taught in schools in the US.

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It used to be called the boy scouts and girl scouts and we did all that stuff. A good percentage of the school class were in scouts, probably close to half. I don’t know what they do now but it’s not the same and there is very low participation.

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Yes. But if you keep the same class schedule you will need to leave some other course material out. Lengthen the school day?. Lengthen the school year?

How about replacing sports with other outdoor activities like outdoor skills

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Yes, watching Bear Gryll’s videos should be mandatory.

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Basic survival is just a few days. I think it could easily be part of PE or Home Ec. Home Ec has been removed from many schools, but it should be back in. Home Ec can include survival, balancing a “checkbook,” what affects credit score, sewing on a button, and kitchen safety. Survival can include how to prepare your house for hurricane season to what to do in an earthquake, it’s not just lighting a fire outside.

Home Ec certainly doesn’t need to be a full semester class.

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@JLeslie I agree HomeEc should be brought back, perhaps as a more general “life skills” class that’s mandatory and could include things like survival and basic economics. HomeEc was an elective at my high school and most of the people who took the class were from lower income families. None of my white friends took it. I’m not a person who believes that learning history and English is useless, I still believe in a traditional education, but I think there’s plenty of time to teach some practical skills in school. I’m lucky to have had parents who taught me a lot (especially re. the home and money) but not everyone’s parents will take care of that and the schools can make up the difference.

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@ragingloli Have you watched his show You VS Wild, where you get to pick which path to take, weapon to use, etc…? It’s pretty cool if you haven’t. Netflix I think.

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I have seen the episode where he is on a raft at sea, shoving a tube up his arse, to hydrate himself with sea water.

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There was the one where he pissed in a snake skin in case he needed to drink later. Spoiler: he does.

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There was one, where he was in a desert, filled his sweaty sock with dirt to filter dirty water through it, sucked the water right from the bottom of the sock.

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There was a shooting at a school in Colorado today, with multiple injuries. We have active shooter drills now. This is fucked up.

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^Yeah. I guess mass killing survival, would be a good idea now. Fucked up is right.

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