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Is Epstein forgiven?

Asked by rebbel (31156points) August 11th, 2019

Suppose Epstein took his own life, and just before doing so, prayed to God for forgiveness, would he have gotten it?
I’m no Christian, nor am I very well versed in the Bible.
Did God forgave him (in the case he asked for it)?
If God did, do you, Christian Jelly, do/did so too (I can imagine if God did, a follower of Him would do too?)?

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I doubt that he did.
But if he did, he was.

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Is Epstein Christian? I always thought he was Jewish. If the Christians are right he was already condemned even if he had been angelic his whole life. We Jews don’t get a chance according to the Christians if I understand correctly. That’s part of the problem we have with most sects of Christianity, behavior doesn’t matter, just blind faith.

Judaism does care a ton about behavior, and Epstein has a big fail, but Jews don’t think about the afterlife much. His punishment was shame and death. Not nearly enough for the hell he caused other people. According to the general, vague, unclear, ideas about death in Judaism I would say God does not forgive him.

Hopefully, someone else who is Jewish knows more. Although, you asked about Christianity. I’d be curious to know what Christians would say about it.

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If he is truly repentant, and God will know, he was forgiven. I will have a hard time forgiving him myself. But I’m only human.

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Epstein is/was Jewish and all the forgiveness stuff isn’t in the Jewish belief system. Not relevant to him.

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Suppose he was an opportunist.

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Agree with @chyna. May God have mercy on his soul, I cannot.

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Well from what I was always taught suicide is the one sin that is never forgiven, because you can’t ask forgiveness for it. Forgiveness is for the sins you have committed, not the ones you will commit. But different brands of Christianity will have their own ideas, and all will claim that they are absolutely correct and every other brand is wrong…

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I’m not the one that has to forgive him. His victims would need to if only to find closure. Holding onto hate will only hurt them more. As for his soul, I have no say on that either. That is between him and God. I know my dad took his own life and had done things in his life that did impact me. I forgave him a long time ago and have asked God to help him find the peace he was missing in life.

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Neither forgiven or forgotten.

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If Epstwin was Jewish which I believe he was, then what would it matter what the Christian religionot thinks of what he did?

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@jca2 None of us speak for God of any religion for that matter. Its a hypothetical.

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One of the 10 Commandments is “You shall not kill.” That goes for killing yourself as well. If it was so important as to make a Commandment for it, “God” would not be forgiving it.

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If he killed himself as self-punishment, felt guilty and remorseful——-if there’s a real merciful God out there, I guess he’ll be forgiven.

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Thanks for all your answers, guys and gals.
Insightful (to me)!

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He killed himself as a cowardly way to not have to face having been caught destroying the lives of so many. As an extreme narcissist, he would be sensitive of others’ views of him to the point of complete dependence, and he was unable to endure the vision of taking the perp walk.

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