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Will turd-shaming be effective?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) October 10th, 2019

Springfield, Missouri is placing small flags article next to each pile.

Will this be effective? Would it change your behavior?

[Note: I am not suggesting that allowing dog poop to remain is a good idea. I am asking whether shit-shaming will be effective.]

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I suppose it will get people to notice especially online.

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I doubt it.
I wonder what it costs them in materials along with the wage of the official “Turd Shamer” ?
I personally don’t need a sign to tell me to pick up after my dog.

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Not without unique identifiers as to the source of the doo.
A better idea would be massive fines for the perpetrators, and for repeat offences, expropriation of the dog in question and reassignment thereof to foster parents.

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To some, yes, but not to all, unfortunately…

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It will not be effective as people here believe our parks are natural enough that they don’t need to pick up the mess.
And many of us have solicited the Parks Dept for biodegradable doggie bags in the parks, but that would cost tax money, as well as enforcing city ordinance, which is ridiculous. Potty Patrol?

(I also heard these signs are biodegradable on social media. Skeptical.)

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No, I don’t think it would.
In the Netherlands, almost everybody picks up after their dog did its thing; rarely do you see turds.
And the owners who don’t pick it up, well, they are not not picking it up for no reason; they (most likely) don’t give a shit (well, in a way they do) to begin with.
If they see a flagged turd (their dog’s) I suspect they won’t be suddenly converted.

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In Our National Park System we have fenced in dog parks and owners always have bags to carry away the poo. ( even in or out of the the dog park ).

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I mean, could get confusing if someone’s dog fouls a neighbour’s lawn & they also had their small infant in tow if then the homeowner yells “pick that little shit up!!”

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It might even make things worse because the piles are more noticable. The broken windows theory would certainly suggest that…

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Unless they can add the NAME of the offender, I think it is a futile exercise. IF the offender cared to begin with they would NOT leave it for others. Decorating a pile of poop does NOTHING to deter the offending party…it actually makes the pile look cuter!!!

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For people who defecate on sidewalks? No.

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Yeh, I’m not sure how this is supposed to accomplish anything.

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A $50 fine would be effective.

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Maga flags might do it

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Not unless there were a web site with videos posted of the actual moment the poo is planted, and the owner walking away.

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Gee – didn’t smell like mine!

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I’m glad I live in a city where people pick up their dog shit.

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You could locate the owners of the dogs that did it, and shove their faces right into the dogshit.

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It seems silly and pointless.

One of the affluent towns in my area has a walking trail and they provide bags for people to pick up their dog’s crap. The people still don’t pick it up. Some do, but many don’t. In the Facebook group for the town, the people talk about it all the time.

Unless you have undercover officers catch the whole thing when it happens, it seems like the dogs’ owners will get away with it. It’s nice when people have a sense of responsibility for their pets.

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Living in a liberal city has its perks. We don’t need to worry about stepping in shit.

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The affluent city I’m talking about is liberal, @Stache.

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@ragingloli I’m one of the first to tell you when you’ve gone too far out into la-la land; however, lately you have been showing your intelligence…keep up the good work!!!

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That’s really sad @jca2. Maybe the difference is my community isn’t affluent? We are liberal but we aren’t affluent. We aren’t entitled.

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Well. I don’t freak out about dog poop so no.

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@Dutchess Thats how most people here feel. Springfield is still fairly rural so many people feel bagging and disposing is more unnatural than leaving it to decompose.

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Yeah, in liberal cities, our problem is homeless people shitting on the sidewalks (San Francisco). I’d rather deal with dog shit. That said, what I’ve had a problem with in the past are people who will put their dog shit in my empty recycling bin. Dicks.

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I don’t care if dogs go to the bathroom in the woods or some corner somewhere, but if it’s on a trail or in a park or my yard where I might step in it, or my daughter might step in it, then it really irritates me. If the dog lives there, then of course the owner is free to do with their property as they wish, but please don’t let your dog go to the bathroom in my yard, or in a public park and then not pick it up.

I remember when my daughter was about two, we were visiting a friend upstate who was not home yet. We went to a playground park to kill time. After we played and were walking back to the car to leave, she came about two inches from stepping in a big pile of dog sh*t. I remember being so annoyed, because if she stepped in it with her sandals on, it really would have ruined the day. The sandals would have been ruined (they were leather). I would have had to carry her to the car and get her foot cleaned up somewhere, somehow. It would have been a big hassle. All could have been prevented if the person who owned the dog just cleaned up after it. I was very thankful that she didn’t step in it.

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@Desmosthenes I’ve heard that actually. Much more dangerous health-wise human feces.
My dogs eat quality food, so the output is dry and quickly decomposes.

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When I’m out walking with Sadie, I sometimes find uncollected “gifts” from other dogs. I just bag-up the mess and dispose of it along with Sadie’s waste. Civility wins over annoyance, and no unsuspecting person has to ruin his shoes or track excrement into her home.

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@Love, what a simply mature approach.
Gold star 4u.

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No, what would work is cameras that photograph the guilty parties in the act (+owners) then post where everyone else can see.

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My daughter was an accomplished gymnast. I have video of her on Easter Sunday, at my sister’s and her husbands. In their yard she did a roundoff back handspring….and planted her hand squarely in dog poop. She walked toward the camera with her hand up and a disgusted look on her face. She told us what happened and you hear everyone off camera cracking up! It was hilarious.

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