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What are some alternatives for milk in cereal?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15849points) 2 weeks ago

Like almond, soy, rice, coconut ect? What is good in cereal?

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I use almond milk in my coffee.
Like anything, it takes some getting used to.

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Vanilla sauce.
Fruit quark.

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oat milk

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Unsweetened almond ‘milk’.
I eat it with lactose free milk.

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Almond. Soy can make you very gassy and bloated feeling.

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Chocolate Silk Almond milk is da bomb diggety. Sold on Amazon and in most stores.

“Product description. Flavor:Soymilk Chocolate | Size:8 Fl Oz (Pack of 18) Silk Chocolate Soymilk will remind you of the chocolate milk you grew up drinking, but ours is made with soy protein. It’s cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and has 50% more calcium than dairy milk.”

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I have almond milk in my cereal.

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I have discovered I really like both soy and oat milk.

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I like Silk Almond milk with mine

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Just eat oatmeal

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We like Silk soy milk,tried almond and didn’t care for it ,but a lot of people do like it.

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If it s not lactose intolerance, I put fat free Greek yogurt and a handful of Craisins on my muesli.

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Some people put apple cider or orange juice on their cereal.

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Vodka? Doubt it. Lol I use Almond or soy milk. Good stuff.

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Thanks @all I am going shopping now. Will update when I try in cereal.

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Got two types of almond milk. Vanilla and unsweetened. Had supper downtown so not hungry enough to try making cereal with it.

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@RedDeer Aw nuts, now we wait. Haha

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Evaporated milk from a can.

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On cereal??^ YUCK!!

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@Kritiper With a drizzle of sweet condensed milk maybe lol.

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Vanilla almond milk is what I like.

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Tea is not bad at all!

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@SQUEEKY2 and @KNOWITALL Yeah, no doubt it would taste about as good as dry milk, which is all we had growing up. And. yes, the sweetened condensed milk would probably be better. My first thought was chocolate syrup, but I don’t really know about that…
I remember the grandparents and others using evaporated milk in their coffee.

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@kritiper We always had it on hand for cooking, but in a blizzard or something, we’d use it to cut the coffee, etc… My uncle and I mixed vanilla ice cream in our cereal once when we were out of milk, pretty good actually haha~

I need to order some of that European boxed milk that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Wonder if it tastes decent.

“Yes, today you can by shelf stable, room temperature milk. Those sold in single serve boxes on grocery shelves are ultra high temperature pasteurized (UHT), a process popular in Europe. This process allows milk to last for several months in sterilized packages outside the refrigerator.” › local › 2014/10/03 › asked-answered-boxed-milk

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I can only tolerate sweetened artificial “milk” at this point. My favourite is chocolate oat milk.

@KNOWITALL “I need to order some of that European boxed milk that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Wonder if it tastes decent.”

It does not. It tastes like milk that you boiled and then allowed to cool down. None of the refreshing taste and texture of real milk. It’s handy for cooking though, and certainly works in cereal.

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I tried unsweetened vanilla Almond milk with mini-wheats cereal. Tasted like water. Was ok. will try with raisin bran, cheerios, an oatmeal crisp, later.

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@RedDeerGuy1 The unsweetened vanilla sucks. Try the stuff with sweetner !

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@longgone Well thanks! I saw someone on tv pull one off the shelf and was intrigued. That sounds nasty.

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@anniereborn Thanks, luckily it was on my bucket list. I have the stuff with sweetener in the fridge. Trying to decide to toss the unsweetened container down the drain or finish it off. Tastes like skim milk.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I dumped mine, bleck!

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@KNOWITALL It tastes good straight. Just not on cereal. My body feels better drinking it.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Good! Probably because you used it on all those sugar cereals! haha!

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@KNOWITALL Also the unsweetened vanilla Almond drink has a calming effect , on me.

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Ok will try the unsweetened vanilla organic almond milk with Raisin Bran. Yuck! Tastes like watered down powdered pee. Tastes good straight, without cereal. Will search next time in grocery store for more milk alternatives.

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Try the super pasteurized milk in a carton. As long as it hasn’t been opened, it doesn’t require refrigeration, and can be stored for months in your kitchen cupboard. It is sold here in the US. Tastes pretty good. The color is a bit off but don’t let that stop you from using it.

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Update Tried several different kinds of milk alternatives. Oat milk was the best to drink and in cereal (Froot Loops) . Have some more to try.

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Update I stocked up on Oat Dream for drinking and froot loops cereal. Is perfect.

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Good for you. The cows are grateful.

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