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Which greeting cards (if any) did you keep over the years?

Asked by ucme (48475points) 2 weeks ago

I’ve kept most of my Birthday/Christmas & Father’s Day cards off the wife/kids.
Keep them in a “treasured memories” box in our bedroom.
How about you lot few.

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I have one from my husband that is chock full of beautiful compliments.
I recite his words in a loud,authoritative voice during any disagreements.

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I do not get any cards.

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Kept letters,cards,bookmarks and tokens etc in my journals over the years as a keepsake.
Still practice that .

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I have “Greetings from…..” holiday cards from family members, birthday well wishes cards from whatever age, Xmas cards, drawings and little gifts from children, letters, etc.
I simply can’t throw it, would feel like throwing the giver.

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Most of the postcards and other cards from people (family and some friends) who wrote something interesting or nice on them.

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@lucillelucillelucille Yep, that’s what wives do, the ability to shut down any debate & win every single time.

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The best thing about keeping cards from my kids is seeing how their writing improved over the years, so cute reading the ones they did when so, so, little.

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I have a lot of birthday cards, especially “son” cards my parents sent when I was in college; they wrote some sweet messages in them. :)

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@ucme-It’s a skill but there’s no money in it.

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None. About the only memorabilia like that that I still retain are some love letters from high school and college girlfriends – from 40 years ago.

I kept that sort of stuff for years, but as I was moving across the country last time,, I decided that they would visit the dumpster.

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Blank ones. I keep thinking someday I will have somebody I can send one to.

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Dear UCME,

Merry Xmas.

Best Regards,


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I have at least one from my father (died when I was 13), one from my Grandma (died when I was 15), many from my mother and sisters and a couple from my husband. Also some cards given to my grandmother from my grandfather. He was so sweet.

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@Pinguidchance That was very civil of you but you yelled my name here…It’s all lower case & it bugged me :D

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I appreciate them all, but I truly do keep the most treasured ones that people took the to write something inside, rather than only signing their name.

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