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Is it possible to disassemble and repair (or replace) blades on a Swiss army knife?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27139points) 2 weeks ago

It’s an old one – the little spring on the scissors has gotten all bent and broken.

Is there a way to take apart a Swiss Army knife, get a replacement scissors, and put it all back together? Do the red sides even come off?

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Closest I can come to answering. My favorite Swiss Army knife is one I have had since I was 10. I have twice replaced the scissors spring with one from a baby knife (tiny pocket sized) because I only use the blade on those, never the scissors.

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Cyber Champ will take you as deep in the woods on taking apart your knife as you dare to go. It appears to be a 10 part series.

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I saw a documentary (yes, I’m obsessed with them) about making Swiss Army knives and apparently it’s a very complicated, precise process, where certain things have to be placed in a certain order.

So, my guess is that you’d want the factory to do it for you.

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You can take the sides off and they will go back on but will never be as solid as they once were. You can order replacement sides though. When I did this to one I found that the assembly inside is riveted. I was not about to attempt to drill it out.

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It’s possible that you can get a replacement. When I sold guns, I also have sold knives. A lot of companies, will give you a replacement, of similar variety. I have done it personally, with two knives. You typically have to mail them the broken knife, and they’ll send you something comparable.

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