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What qualities do all your friends have in common?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (31579points) 1 week ago

Do they share many similarities?
Mine have a healthy sense of humor

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Funny, love dogs, quickwitted, intelligent, goal-oriented.

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They are imaginary.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Lol! Consistency is good!:)

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The more I can trust them, the better a friend they are.

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All but one is honest to a fault & the one who isn’t I can tell when she’s being less than honest.BTW, she never lies, but isn’t always as honest as she could be!!! NONE of my friends talk politics or religion as we ALL agree that is a subject best left to other people. All are pet loving fanatics. We love others even on the days that we don’t really like them.

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Sense of humor, caring, and helpful.

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Laid back, funny, smart.

they all have jobs, too.

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They are all outcasts in one way or another, unpopular opinion, considered abnormal by the masses, unheard, sometimes hated… Some are just too bubbly for a hardened world.

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They all have great taste in friends.

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I would say that all of them are very funny, all of them love animals, and most of them are smarter than average (and mostly smarter than me). I have noticed that all of them are big music lovers too, and everybody seems to really like movies. I would say that all of them are of the same political bent as me too. And everybody likes to eat good food, although not all of them can cook, but that’s OK, because I can.

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Their sense of humor is definitely important. You have to have a good sense of humor if you’re going to be my friend because I’m going to be ribbing you. The kinds of people who can’t take a joke won’t last long in my group of friends.

They’re also loyal and not flaky. Flakiness is something that’s going to make me drop you like you’re hot.

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They all like to rub my bald spot for good luck.

When they need a ride to the airport or need help moving, they say they really enjoy my company. ;-p

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They are all intelligent, very kind, and thoughtful. They all care about the planet and not so much about going with the flow.

Other than that, I have quite a diverse group of friends. Most love animals and are vegetarians. Some are very much into learning new things, some love to be active and outdoors. Some love board games, some like singing. Some share my interest in dogs, others like to discuss science.

I really enjoy how my friends broaden my horizon.

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Understanding,fun to be with,smart,have your back,always had time to talk etc,interesting interests,upbeat,different backgrounds , different ethnicity,unique perspectives,some travelers of the world,on the go,busy people with active minds etc

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An understanding, that we are all “flawed.”

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