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Do you believe that 9/11 was a methodical illusion?

Asked by Harper1234 (683points) 6 days ago

It shakes me to the core seeing that 9/11 was all a methodical illusion…..telling the flight attendants that is was just a drill and the radars were manipulated. All the cell phone calls were made on the ground and no background noise was heard that should have been if they were in the sky. I could go on and on. No aluminum planes could have done the damage we saw. Aluminum planes are damaged by hail and birds everyday and could NOT take down a tower. What is your take?

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What ?

Are you a rocket scientist ?

Engineering is not your forte !

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My wife had a friend that died in your so called illusion !

An aluminum foil ball shot at 500 MPH (speed of a jet) would go right through the building.

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Read The Methodical Illusion by Roth or listen to her YouTube video and all that she says makes perfect sense. She had been a flight attendant for 30 years and those that were on the planes would NOT have acted the way they did if it was real terrorist taking over the planes.

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Everything you see, hear, feel, smell and taste is computer generated You are actually nothing more than brain material in a dish, hooked up to a “life experience” computer. The proof is that occasional metallic “taste” in your “mouth” which is an error in your nutrients.

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@Harper1234: Do you believe the school shootings in Newtown CT were made up, too?

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Trump did it, so we would go to war with Iraq, and Trump Tower would be the new tallest building in NYC

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Ok, so it’s been nearly two decades since. Where are the towers now?

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I did a search for the book the OP mentioned, and if I’m being optimistic here, the OP seems to go for the “9/11 was an inside job” argument. While I won’t go into any discussion on whether 9/11 was a terrorist attack, there is a detail on the Amazon page of that book that may be worth considering: written as a novel.

Seriously though I had to check the OP’s lurves to see whether this was a new user.

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I had family that lived in NYC and I was born and raised in NYC. I saw those towers on my tv set when they were hit and that was no aluminum crap that just crashed into them. Those were real live planes. I get so sick and tired of these conspiracy bull crap stories that come out. I think more likely the only real conspiracy is that the people who spin these kind of crap stories are trying to create a narrative that favors them in some way. Like to sell a crap book or create a conspiracy group where they financially benefit in some way. As an original New Yorker, I believe you never have to look any further than someones wallet.

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I’m not getting the entire question. Are we being asked if we believe that the 9/11 attacks happened or if they happened the way we are being told they happened? In other words, did someone actually fly jets into three buildings and into an empty field or were they staged acts designed to move public opinion?
I think the answer of “did they happen?” is obvious. There was enough video evidence of the events and the buildings falling. One morning the buildings were there and that afternoon they were gone from the skyline. Pretty compelling evidence. The flight patterns of the jets including flight 93 were somewhat erratic…something that couldn’t be explained other than with the idea of someone taking over the plane and changing the flight.
Now, the question of “was it staged?” is more soupy. Did al-Qaeda take over the planes and do the dirty deeds? That seems likely. But did we (our government) know about the plan ahead of time? Not so sure. These were known terrorists that were, in some cases, being surveilled prior to the events and that surveillance lost touch of them…all of them…at some point. There were lots of sketchy things and questions that were raised when the story came out. And these are the things that breed the conspiracy theories.
In the end, let’s look at what some of the fallout was from these events. The TSA was formed. The Patriot Act was passed. FISA courts were set up. The NSA PRISM program was created. All of these things were things that really cut into our rights and changed what we consider the norm for our rights.

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No! That’s ridiculous!
It worries me that there are people out there so easily swayed by nonsense.

I seriously wonder what the conspiracy theorists hope to gain by spreading such BS. Money? A list of potential followers? Maybe they are downloading spyware on every device that reads or downloads their load and then uses those machines a zombies to spread havoc on other devices.
Look at the source of this tripe and seriously think what they have to gain by spreading it.

(And one technical bit to refute one of the bit of nonsense. Except for the incredibly expensive Iridium Sat Phones, all cell phone were ground based. The antenna on your phone is talking to a tower on the ground – even if you are in the air. Also virtually every phone even in 2001 has noise cancelling mics located away from the mouthpiece mic to improve voice quality and reduce distractions. Try a pair of noise cancelling headphones some time to see how well the concept works.)

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@Harper1234 Do you believe that 9/11 was a methodical illusion?

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@Harper1234 it wasn’t the planes that brought the towers down, the planes were the containers for the massive amounts of jet fuel that brought the towers down.
Reading one person’s fantasy take on a subject doesn’t make it so.

And Sandy Hook wasn’t a hoax.

And people really did walk on the moon.

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@LuckyGuy sadly though, the illusion book has 715 ratings on Amazon and 283 ratings on Goodread. I seriously hope this is just a fictional story backed by technical facts about planes and that the OP failed to distinguish between fiction and reality.

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My son started at NYU one week before 9/11. He could see the towers before they fell and couldn’t after they were. it was several hours before we could reach him at my SIL’s and days before he came home.

Anyone suggesting it didn’t happen from planes flying into the towers is a fool.

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I am not saying i believe it didn’t happen at all….just that many people believe her because she was a flight attendant for 30 years and the book sold so well… many people are still wondering. But there is still people wondering about the moon landing. You have to distinguish between fiction and reality as one stated.

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@Harper1234 many people believe her because she was a flight attendant for 30 years and the book sold so well

I’m a Mafioso for 30 years even though I’m only 24 now and I have spent the majority of my life being a Capo. And I’m telling you that the US government is corrupted to the core and they are actually partnering with Russia for an ultra-secret mind-control project called Project TURTLE. But there is one kind of people who are too clever to be turned into sheep, and they are building forces to fight against the evil plan. And because of that the US government has been demonizing them to death. That’s right, I AM among the force against the corrupt government! The Mafia are actually good people being misunderstood!

No one deserved to be mind-control, so on behalf of all brave members of the Mafia, I have written a book called “The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”. I have also created a Youtube account for book commentary and additional information. Now I’m sitting here and watch the money rolling into my poc… I mean, watch the intense fight between good and evil going on with more enlightened people on my side. The bank account has to be filled up The truth has to come out.

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So the hundreds of photographs and video of the planes clashing into the Twin Towers were all Photo Shopped. And the thousands of eye witnesses are all lying. HA!

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One of my best friends has been a pilot for over 20 years. She knows 9/11 happened. Because she’s a pilot? No. Because she saw the aftermath just like everyone else that had a television, radio or computer on that day and for days, weeks, months and years after.
Also, the woman who wrote that book, spoke those words, spread those lies obviously did not have a loved one die from the crashes or die from putrid air they breathed in trying to help people.
I hope you have never spread a word this evil woman has spewed and made money off of the suffering of so many.

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@Harper1234 “just that many people believe her because she was a flight attendant for 30 years and the book sold so well”

Which clearly makes her an expert in things like structural engineering, metallurgy, etc.

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I can tell you exactly how the towers collapsed. You can prove it to yourself. Take a coat hanger and bend it into a stake. Hang a small weight on one end big enough to make it bow but not bend. Now place the center of the stake between where you are holding it and the weight over a flame such as a propane torch. Watch the weight bend right where the coat hanger is heated. This is what happened to the structural steel once the planes engulfed them in flames.

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Let us just say that after the end of the cold war, the colonies needed a new long term enemy.
And whether the bush regime orchestrated the attack themselves, or let it happen with full foreknowledge, does not matter.
“Terrorists” were the perfect enemy. Being clandestine and unpredictable, they were easy to stoke fears around. Being decentralised and mostly hidden, they were hard to hit. And being driven by religion, made them more fervent and more dangerous the harder you fought them.
It was a brilliant plan, all things considered. And boy oh boy, did it work brilliantly.

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My mom worked in the area of Grand Central Station. She and thousands of others had to walk to the 125th St. station to catch a train home. It was like an exodus out of the downtown area of NYC. Grand Central is around 42nd St so that gives you an idea of how far they had to walk. This was on a hot summer day. This was not fake.

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That book ranks up there with Jack Van Impes End of Times, crap that people buy.

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Just because a “whole bunch of people believe it” doesn’t make it a fact. It just makes it a mass hallucination.

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