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Can a new tire be put on a rim with a slight bend?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31845points) 4 days ago

Some months ago, I hit a curb in a parking lot that bent the rim a bit. the tire that’s on that rim has had no trouble. Do I have to replace that rim before getting new tires?

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If you just tweaked the part of the steel rim where the tire seals you might find someone who could straighten it with a hammer. You can’t if it’s an alloy wheel.
If the rim is bent in such a way that it wobbles, you’d be better off to get a new or good used wheel (A wheel is a rim.) because the wobble will affect the balance.

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I’d get a trued rim, whether you hammer it back into shape or buy a new one.

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There are companies that straighten wheels. I would get it straightened to be safe.

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The tire company probably will notice rim issue which more than likely would void the warranty

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It is absolutely absurd to drive on a compromised rim. Not only could you kill yourself but if it fails you could swerve into oncoming traffic and kill innocents.

Cars are expensive. Spend the hundred to get a proper rim.

I have taken years of auto-tech classes. We spent a month learning how to balance tires. Shit can get very violent very fast if you fuck up.

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@johnpowell replacement rims, if they are alloy, are more like $750 to $900 each.
I have my curb bruises on alloy rims fixed by a company called RimGuard for $100 each for blemishes and bent rims.

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@Hawaii_Jake: IF you are a Costco member, they sell rims, I believe.

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Most tire places will not put anything new on a damaged rim.

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Nobody is saying you need a fancy rim. Get a cheap one that is structurally sound.

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I see you can get a rim pretty cheaply even at Walmart. As low as about $55. It doesn’t seem worth it to risk accident, uneven tire wear and tire imbalance to save that small amount of money. Even if you have to buy two rims so they’re both the same, it’s worth it. As the commercial says “you have a lot riding on your tires.”

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