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Is your attire at home clean, tidy and crisp?

Asked by Nuggetmunch (321points) 1 week ago

Or wrinkled, with old tea stains, extremely worn out, and with holes?
And do you judge people on this?

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If you’re just hanging out at home they can be anything but smelly as far as I care.

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Clean: yes (if it’s not dirty, or ready for laundry).
Tidy: ish.
Crisp: not necessarily so.

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At home, I’ll wear tee shirts, sweat shirts, yoga pants or sweat pants. They will be clean. They won’t be ironed. If they have rips or stains I take them and cut them up and use them to clean the house, and then throw the rags out.

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I wear the same thing I wear at home as when I go out. 874, white t-shirt, and hoodie, and black Kingpins.

The same damn thing I have worn for 20 years.

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I run around in my underwear, and in my animal pyjamas when it is cold.

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At home, hanging with the family, I am in shorts or pajama pants and a tee shirt. Always clean, but generally oversized and wrinkled.

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At home? It’s whatever I am comfy in at the moment, and appropriate for whatever project/activity is happening.

No, of course I don’t judge people on how they dress at home.

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If you mean in the evening, a lot of my pajamas are worn out and old, but I have a few items that are in really good condition, more like loungewear, that I could even wear to the supermarket and it wouldn’t be a big deal. I bring those items on vacation with me so I can go down to breakfast in the public area in them. All of the time I think I should throw out the old stuff and buy new, but I don’t. It isn’t matchy matchy pajamas. It’s more pajama bottoms and t-shirts. Mostly long sleeve t-shirts.

If it’s the middle of the day I would usually have on yoga pants and a tank or t-shirt if I’m going to be home most of the day. It’s all in good condition. I wear the same clothes out of the house all of the time.

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Yes, yes & yes!

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Hanging around, jogging pants and top. I know they are for jogging they have reflective tape sewn on.
I haven’t jogged in twelve years because of bad knees.

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I strip down as soon as I get home into workout clothes, so my dogs don’t mess up my work outfits. Clean and tidy, yes, crisp as far as folded and put away, yes.

Winter is hoodies and flannel pajama pants, thick socks.
Summer is tees and shorts, or long dresses.

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I just came in from clearing my driveway with the *snowblower. Since it was14F/-10C with 10 mph /16 kph winds I wore a snow suit over long underwear tops and bottoms, jeans, flannel shirt, light over shirt, fuzzy socks and boots. It took me 40 minutes so I had time to get soaked with sweat. That machine wears me out! So I am definitely not pressed and folded now. I’ll air dry and take a shower tonight.

*The unit shown is newer than mine. But it is basically the same size and power.

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Pajamas if I’m doing nothing. Joggers and a t-shirt if I’m cleaning. I barely like getting dressed to go outside.

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Eating pizza lying down is messy, so why spiffy up for that?

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I have a question about the weight of the snowblower you linked: how do you convert ‘16“x6.5” X-Trac™ ’ to pounds? ;-)

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^^ LOLLlolll!!!

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@Brian1946 You have to turn the numbers sideways. :-)
The monster weighs 406 pounds. Fortunately it is self propelled – except when it hits an edge of heavy snow and ice and one wheel wants to move and the other doesn’t. It gets really hairy when I’m trying to clear the snow near the cars. It would really do a number on the car body.

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@LuckyGuy so how much does a bucket of joint compound that has some ice melt in it, and also water, but no joint compound weigh?

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Always clean but I have some old favorites from around the house.

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Always clean, but not necessarily new. I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores. I don’t care for the look of wearing ripped, or stained clothing, though. I keep myself, and my clothes well maintained, and clean. I tend to avoid buying clothes that need to ironed, and I only dress “fancy” for holidays, and special events, but I usually look presentable.

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