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Which do you like better? A hot tub or sauna?

Asked by nightwolf5 (1440points) 1 week ago

So, our public pool is remodeling, and will be back open in June. Previously they’ve only had a dry sauna which a I like, but it does get a bit too warm at times, for me. It’s been ages since I’ve used a hot tub, well over 10 years. I’ve used those at hotels that have them in their pool area. So, I question which one I’ll like better once the pool is open again. And are there pros and cons to them both?

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Sauna because hot tubs need a lot of sanitary maintenance which they don’t always get.

Like daily check of ph and chlorine levels.

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I prefer the sauna if I’m actually going to shower and get ready at the pool.

I like a hot tub as long as it’s not too hot, and many of them are kept too hot. If you have an outdoor pool in a 4 season climate, where the pools are only open for the summer, there is no reason for the hot tub to be so hot it’s hard to get in. Plus, it’s dangerous. Risk of heart attack and other problems in such hot rumbling water. Nice for it to be like a very warm bath, but hot is unnecessary.

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I should mention ours is all indoor, and is open year round. Just not now due to the remodel. Good points on both of you though.

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Tub. Water is my happy place.

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I’m a fan of the dry heat of a sauna. I’ve never met one that was too hot for my comfort levl!!!

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If I wanted heat and humidity without a water relief I’d move back to central Illinois. Ugh.

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This is going to be a story about how I wasted thousands of dollars.

I thought I wanted a hot tub. My sisters friend had thought he wanted a hot a year before I thought I wanted a hot tub.

Ohhh. I have always wanted a hot tub and Nick is giving away a free hot tub. All I need is place to put it. Free hot tub!


I had to pour a slab to put it on. I had to have plumber run a pipe, I had to have a electrician run wiring and make sure the big electrified tub of water wouldn’t kill me. And then I had to pull down part of the fence to get it in the backyard and then put the fence back together.

I used the American Dream about ten times. It just turned into a mess and we turned it off since keeping a big bathtub full of water in the winter uses a fuckton of electricity. Then I put up a ad for the hot tub (for free) on Craigslist and some fool picked it up six hours later.

And I have never used a sauna.

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@johnpowell But this is not for a private person. I would not put a hot tub in my home.

I love a hot tub. I really miss the one we had at my old gym. I like a sauna too but a hot tub is just wonderful IMHO.

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To expand a bit on what @jleslie said: one of my brothers died of a heart attack the same night he spent 45 minutes in his hot tub. 45 minutes is not a recommended time, I think it’s more like 15 minutes. He already had a heart condition, so we will really never know if the hot tub contributed to his death.

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To continue…A friend of mine died in a hot tub. It was late at night, he was alone, and he did have some alcohol in his system, I don’t remember how much, but it wasn’t extremely high blood alcohol content. The coroner concluded he passed out and drowned. He was in his early 30’s.

@chyna I’m so sorry to hear that. I worry about something like that happening to me, and having to worry (punish myself with regret, if I live through it, because I’m prone to that behavior) if I did something specific on a specific day that caused a bad event for myself. Hot tubs, large fatty meals, not moving around enough during the day, being dehydrated, all of those things I have in the back of my head that I might be causing myself a blood clot, heart attack, or stroke.

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There’s risks in all living. The point is to enjoy life with reasonable caution and not be paralyzed.

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@janbb Sometimes I wish I was more afraid so I would eat healthier and avoid risky behavior, but I agree with you that it is destructive if it is paralyzing, or if people literally are worried daily about these things. People don’t take hot tubs, food, hydration seriously like they do smoking for instance, and when people with high risk talk about trying to be prudent we are often dismissed as being too young to worry (in my case) or being paranoid, but I can assure you a cardiologist would take it all equally as seriously, especially if there are pre-existing risk factors already for the individual.

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Sauna, unless the hot tub is private and sanitary.

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I have unlimited use of a hot tub, but it makes me too dizzy, so I can’t. I would be afraid of a sauna. I love a nice, long hot shower every day.

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I love both. But if you’re making me choose, I pick the sauna. I can have a hot bath at home, and the privacy makes up for the lack of bubbles. Most people don’t have private access to a sauna, and its positive effects on health (used safely!) are widely known.

One drawback to saunas is that men having trouble conceiving might be advised to stay away. Heart patients also need to be very careful. While saunas can improve general health, they do put a lot of stress on your body.

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I think the hot tub is better, because you can get your muscles massaged. But it is not correct to compare the two. The effects and the purpose are not the same. The sauna is for you to sweat out extra water from your body, hot tube is more like a wellness thing.
However, my fav thing is the steambath :)

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