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How would you design a nap room for Adults?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16350points) 1 month ago

What would love to have included. Humor welcome. Can be a break lounge room at work, university, or home?

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I’m sure naps would have to be taken in shifts at work, like lunch.
Sleep is a vulnerable state, so there would have to be nap cubicles which could be locked from the inside. Security would have to be on duty, so no foul play.
Like these Japanese hotels, kinda.

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When I worked at the theater we had to keep all ticket stubs until they would get audited. When the drawer got full you would put them in a clear plastic bag and then run upstairs and the projectionist would toss them in the pile.

Here is the thing. We were never audited in the three years I worked there. The idea of even auditing them is absurd. What would be gained? And it would take forever to count them. So they just piled up in the booth. 20K of them a day on busy weekends. Day after day.. For years.

Imagine the ball pit at a McDonalds but full of bags of ticket stubs. We had that and it was a spectacular fire hard. But we could not throw them away because we could be audited tomorrow. We built four feet tall walls to store them in.

But they made a fantastic bed.

Someone had the bright idea to make our booth open to the lobby so customers could look up and see the projectors going. This did look cool. But it also meant that all the smoke from the poppers went upstairs and would cling to the film. So you would see tons of blacks specks when watching movies that were actually popcorn residue. And also they carpeted the booth. So when we walked around it would kick up even more dirt which would stick to films as they where running.

So we tried to move as little as possible in the booth. And this worked nicely since the 8 movies would start five minutes apart. Spend 40 minutes starting movies and then figure out how to kill two hours.

I would eat a Cinnebon and nap in the big pile of ticket stubs. There were really loud alarms to let us know if something went wrong. Barely anything ever went wrong. I slept so much at that job.

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You need to go to northern California to learn how to truly relax, drink wine, and rest for larger portions of the day. As as lifestyle, it is so popular that being lazy like that was the motivation for naming an entire county after sleep.

It’s called Napa County. Lots of wine there.

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Room full of oversized beanbags, low light and a wave machine sound.

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Very quiet, light switch would be on a dimmer. Adjustable bed like a hospital bed. Fresh cloth or paper to cover the pillow. Temperature control within reason.

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Everyone would get a copy of Nathaniel Hawthornes’s “The House of the Seven Gables” to induce sleep.

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Include a puppy to snuggle with.

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Just a simple padded room, with wall-integrated chloroform aerosoliser.

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^ So, a gas chamber???

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Adults need nap rooms now?

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@Darth_Algar Yes. We finally rest for the wicked.

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No, that would be a room with bathroom tiles and shower heads.

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