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Once the COVID-19 wave passes us all then dies out, What will you look forward to?

Asked by PaisleyFaye (1499points) 3 months ago

Any Future Plans, racing thoughts that replay in your mind, maybe there is something you’ve always wanted to experience perhaps.

I would…
Just be closer to my Family and show them that they are loved and appreciated and never take them for granted. Help them in any way possible, even if it’s something small or silly, because we never truly know what the following day may bring..

I suppose with what’s going on across the U.S. is making me see and feel how precious life is and how we take. The simplest things for granted.

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Less traffic.

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I intended to take a trip this spring or summer, possibly to Scotland. In the future, maybe next summer, 2021, I would like to do that.

This summer, hopefully things will be somewhat back to normal, I look forward to seeing my family and hugging them. I look forward to maybe attending a cookout or some type of outdoor party. If not by this summer, then hopefully by autumn.

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The next wave.

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I have so many plans for the end of the epidemic that I can’t wait to do them all! I will also thank my Fluther friends for accompanying me during the quarantine :)

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Things that have been on hold, due to life circumstances that have now been compounded by the pandemic. I’ll have to reschedule a trip to Colorado that I was supposed to take in May. I’m planning to begin foster care. I want to have my first solo art show. Those are the big ones.

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Outrigger canoe racing.

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Really dies out and is gone? Or, just the big wave is gone?

If you mean the virus is dead and gone forever because we vaccinate the world then I look forward to this changing some social practices forever in the US, like getting rid of the handshake. People stop sharing food and drink and stop double dipping. People not going to work if they are sick. More flexibility for people to work from home.

I really look forward to being able to go to the supermarket without being afraid and also being able to hug and cuddle with my husband after he has been somewhere.

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I look forward to it not spinning back around & kicking butts for another round!!! Other than that I look forward to being able to work with my ADHD kids in a face to face one on one situation. It can be done by phone but works better face to face!!!

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I’ll be seeing family & friends along with complete strangers at the beach, summer festivals and car shows.There is also a certain art museum that I miss.
I also look forward to drying my pots in the sun but that has more to do with the change of season.

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Non- Covid19 news.

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After briefly dipping my toes in the waters of reason, I shall look forward once again to frolicking naked on insanity beach.

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Not having to wear a mask, although with our upcoming wildfire season, those of us in CA might not get a break from that until 2021.

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I don’t think it’s going to die out. From what I understand, that is not the goal of the quarantine. The goal of the quarantine is to control the burn, so everyone isn’t getting it all at the same time and overwhelming the medical system. Just trying to slow it down until we can get a vaccine for it. Most of us will get it.

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Getting to swing on a swingset

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Using the public pool again, and going to some of my favorite stores. I have to hope this ends before summer!

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@SergeantQueen it’s strange you say that because I had the strongest urge today to do that.

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My life won’t change much.
During this time I have been thinking stuff like this.
Actually, I was thinking stuff like that before this virus came about. I have been wondering how soon mother would strike, and in what way.
Anybody else?

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@ANef_is_Enuf I like to swing, and I don’t know why. I feel weird because I am older now.

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@SergeantQueen I miss swinging to. I could swing all day I was allowed. Even now. I feel wierd too. A 42 year old man with no kids would not fit in a park with moms and kids. Their is an adult park in Edmonton, but is too far away from my city. After the pandemic is over I will ask my mayor for an adult park .

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Not much has changed for me. So I am fine. I am doing what I did two months ago.

I hope this stuff keeps going until August. Four years ago it was 24/7 election crap. And I hate election stuff.

So please keep on going Mr Covid so I can enjoy watching the news.

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@johnpowell Bite your tongue! Even election garbage is better than this.

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@SergeantQueen I’ve always loved it, myself. I am 37 and I still go to the parks and playgrounds every spring/summer to use the swings and go for a walk. It’s relaxing and fun. Porch swings are great, too.

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I’m blessed to have an old timey porch swing. It’s over 200’ to the house on my left & well over 300’ to the house on my right. There’s a minimum of 500’ to the house in front of me & the house behind me. This morning it was beautiful out so I put on some Blues, put on my ear buds, & sat out on my porch doing the old lady version of swinging. No, a porch swing isn’t as exciting as a swing on a swing set, but it worked well for me this morning. It gave me a much needed break from reality!!!

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