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Are you dissatisfied with Amazon's delivery service tracking?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28204points) 1 month ago

With the others (Fedex, USPS, UPS) the tracking number leads to a detailed screen that shows where a package has been and when.

With Amazon’s delivery service, all you see is “shipped” and “in transit” – but not where it was, when it was handled, and so on.

Which tracking service would you say is best?

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I don’t love it.
I’m expecting something today that I have to get to before my husband does. It’s through USPS so I will know when it gets here.

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Haven’t had a problem with Amazon as tracking shows up in a couple of days after shipped
( in my email box and updates).

However ETSY is a problem as so many “sellers:” are from different parts of the world and thus tracking sometimes non existent.

Because of this Pandemic and the Postal System overloaded I did not get my parcel ordered May 11,2020 until just the other day and with that the UPS tracking was very slow.

It took a month for it to leave one State then after it reached the Border (Canada) it took another two weeks.

I have another parcel due since April ( from Cross stitch site) and NO tracking available, however paid up front.

Don’t know when I will receive it nor where it’s shipped from?

Can’t contact the website as they JUST post “Because of Covid – 19 shipped items will take longer ?

Because of this pandemic and very slow delivery I have stopped ordering online for now.

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WIth Amazon I get waiting for shipment, shipped, out for delivery, and delivered. That’s fine, I don’t need to know more.

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Better off using a pigeon.

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When they first started the Prime delivery, they were doing pretty good on info. Now that they have scaled back on the info they provide, I’m not nearly as happy with them. I do like that on the day of delivery that I get a link that shows me where their truck is once it gets within 10 stops from my house. Since the beginning of the covid lockdown, I’ve only had 1 package that has disappeared into oblivion. Everythng else has either been on time or delivered early

Oops, to answer your Q, I like UPS tracking the best

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Everything I get from Amazon is shipped via USPS. I get a USPS tracking number. So, no complaints here.

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I think it’s just fine, and sometimes too fine. I don’t order anything on Fridays any more because I don’t want to hear the doorbell at 9:20 on Sunday morning. I have to get up and run to the door, because it might not be a religious proselytizer—it could be a parcel that will stay put five minutes before it gets stolen.

These online services have led to some very unrealistic expectations for ordering and delivery of purchases. How much stuff do we really need overnight that we truly can’t get locally?

Tracking and anticipating a delivery almost seems more like entertainment than a real need. I think most of us could wait an extra day or two for that bargain vegetable peeler or that box of fancy tea.

I think it’s actually kind of creepy to see a map that shows the delivery truck three blocks away, with five stops to make before me. Perhaps it’s my ancient unease with collection and misuse of personal data, but “Thursday by 9 p.m.” is plenty of information for me. (And sure, I know the data collected is the same. It’s the creepy feeling that’s different. So far we at least get to pick our illusions.)

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Interesting. Just got an email from Amazon two Saturdays ago. My package was about to arrive. Was surprised to see a
detailed screen showing the van was three blocks away so I went out and waited. It was an Amazon Prime delivery van.

It even indicated I was next in the delivery stop.

I didn’t need that much real time info but I think it’s great.

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