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If Trump persuades his base to take an antidote to the Coronvirus and it doesn't work, then wouldn't he lose the Election if his base gets sick or dies?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13249points) September 18th, 2020

What if the antidote only is a placebo to get his base supporters to take it, and it fails.
It may make Trump richer especially if he has investments in its development, but he would surly lose the election if people get worse or die.

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There is NO ANTIDOTE !!

But yes get the vote from dead people will still get him in office ! !

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Nothing is ever his fault. So no, I don’t think he’d be sure to lose even if HE gets sick and dies.

Not that I think he’s sure to win, but only that nothing about this is sure.

And yes, I do think die-hard Trumpists would cast their vote for a dead man.

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Why don’t people understand that his base won’t blame him for negative things that happen?

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Nope. He’s the President not a scientist. The Right has so many anti-govt types and anti-vaxxers, that won’t take it anyway. Plus the rumor is that there’s a chip included with the shot going around.

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This already happened with minuscule results.

Trump was touting hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine and claimed he was taking it himself to protect against coronavirus. There’s no evidence it works and it is more likely to cause damage.

That path has harmed and even killed a few people but not enough to have much of an impact on society.

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He has demonstrated again and again that he does not ever take responsibility for any of his mistakes.
He will first call it “fake news” and insist that it does work, and when the failure becomes undeniable to everyone, he will blame the scientists for it, and boldly claim, in the face of all the public record to the contrary, that he had nothing to do with it.

And his brainwashed supporters are already convinced that their Führer can do no wrong, so they will march in lockstep with it.

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Of course not.
Everyone knows that Russia got Trump elected in 2016 (even though there’s absolutely no evidence of that). And Russia will once again step in to make sure that all those dead Trump voters have their voices heard by sending in absentee votes for them.

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Nothing is for certain, much less that.

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The thing to understand in this is that not enough time remains prior to the election to ramp up an adequate distribution system, or even production in sufficient quantities of necessary inoculation doses once a virus is developed. I’m afraid poor Trump has botched the matter through his underplayed approach to the disease. It is about as stark a condemnation on his lack of judgement and beyond anything his political adversaries might possibly invent.

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@KNOWITALL I have a few Trumper friends (not simply Republicans, they LOVE Trump) who posted on Facebook to stop the chip talk. They wrote they put chips in their pets and the needle is way bigger than any vaccine shot. I’m grateful every time my Republican friends fight back on the crazy talk.

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You all predicted that there would more than 2 million deaths from Corona in the US, you were wrong. Then you predicted that Ventilators would be scarce and we would have to decide who lived and who died, you were wrong again. The you predicted that we would run out of hospital beds, wrong again. Now you’re hoping the vaccine will fail, even worse you seem to be hoping that it will kill people. Do you all ever get tired of being wrong?

You keep making these insane predictions and Trump responds with a solution even though the predictions are ridiculous. Everyone agrees that a vaccine is the way out of this mess but now you don’t even want that. Pathetic is woefully inadequate to describe your response to this pandemic.

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@Jaxk Trump solution is to blame someone else if it goes wrong and pat himself on the back when things go right and he had nothing to do with them going right.

2 million by end of next year might happen and that will be Trump legacy. (Don’t need masks and buy this ‘miracle drug’ that I just bought a half million shares from the company that make it).

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@Jaxk Those predictions were if the virus ran wild. We had people stay inside, distance, and eventually mask up. We did not let it run wild once we saw cases growing.

The death numbers are not completely off. We slowed the spread. The death rate seems to be around .6%. If 50% of the country catches it that would be over 1 million people dead.

I agree the initial numbers and fears were off, but the numbers people want to use now to play the dangers down are also off. The flu is .1% deaths on average. The question is how many deaths cross the line? What death rate causes a reason to pull some alarm bells?

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