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Did anyone else find the debate painful to watch?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) September 30th, 2020 from iPhone

I believe any future such occasion should be deemed adderall appropriate.

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My meds, and a pizza and pop, made it possible to watch the whole debate. I had to pee twice so politics might not suit me in a future career. Unless I wore an adult diaper.

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I tried listening to it then shut it off because I realized I didn’t have enough Vodka to get me through it.

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Trump was doing his best to make it unwatchable, and tire out Biden, hoping he would show his age.
I hated it so much that, even though I am a politics junkie, I may not watch the others.

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Very painful for many reasons.

If they debate again I’ll watch, but I did say immediately after this first debate I don’t think it’s worth doing anymore debates it was so frustrating to watch.

Part of my frustration is knowing where Republicans will see things completely differently than Democrats. It’s like watching someone destroy their life and they just won’t listen.

I think people should watch the debates if they have any interest, and not watch the media reviews of it. Make up your own mind about what they said. I watched some of the follow up on cable news and it’s so edited and talking heads saying how they “know” people will react. They don’t know. They are saying how they want people to react. Actually, they do know, because people tune in to the commentary and suck it up.

I am all for fact checkers though, that’s different than opinions given by TV hosts.

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It was for me both degrading and humiliating. The indelible presentation of a President of the United States as the freak act in some tasteless carnival sideshow. Just watching it forces you to wince, squirm in your seat and scream aloud “for the love of God, will someone PLEASE drop the curtain!”

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My husband and I discussed it, and the tesidual feeling was that the American people were disrespected by them both.

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I didn’t watch. But the clips I saw was a waste of time. The people I have talked to in real life, (not Facebook, etc) both Democrats and Republicans were all disgusted by this childish bickering. One of my brothers is hard core republican (but we still talk) and he did think trump was a little worse than Biden, but not by much.

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I lasted 6 minutes, it was obvious where this was going. Turned on the baseball game instead.

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I had thought it would be on the nasty side but this sideshow reminded me of two teenagers bickering. I’m glad I watched it even though I was suffering.

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I watched it entirely , just to witness how a US President acts while under pressure of a national debate.

His tactics of bulling, degrading and humiliation showed the whole world what a despicable person he can be under fire.

I am happy to see Biden act more mature and finally address the American public in the end, he was more rational then.

Trumps interrupting Biden plus the moderator was uncalled for.

Next time they debate have then in separate booths or turn there mike off while the other is talking.
Moderator had a tough time handling Trump’s interference so I think perhaps having their

Campaign managers nearby might help realign the debate to a more respectful one.

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I felt awkward when Trump said, “don’t ever use the word smart with me” it was a zinger.

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I don’t think it was a zinger. It has to be true to zing. Biden is anything but stupid.
It DID tell me that trump knows that people think he’s stupid and I get some satisfaction from that.

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@Dutchess_III I think Trump is brilliant at double talk. He understands people much better than the average Democratic strategist.

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No, he isn’t brilliant at anything. He blathers real good and real loud, and he won’t hesitate to state something, even if it’s a lie, but it doesn’t take brilliance to do that. Any 2 year old can do it.

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I decided to go watch paint dry. More fascinating experience.

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