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Does your neighborhood have fabulous food trucks?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (12055points) October 22nd, 2020

Mine does, ever since life changed with the pandemic.

Every night, there’s a different truck, and each one has superb food. Thai, Indian, Afghan, Chinese, Peruvian, Salvadoran, Ethiopian, barbeque, something called Big Cheese Truck, with specialty grilled-cheese sandwiches… I’ve been doing too little cooking and too much carryout.

Do you have a similar situation where you live?

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Unfortunately not. Sounds lovely!

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We have a food truck parking lot where they all sit certain days.

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Nope, just that blasted popsicle truck who comes round after school daily. My grand kids can hear that guy coming from the next county it seems like.

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I’d hav veto go over the hill to Oakland or across the bridge to San Francisco for fabulous food truck fine dining.

I did go to na event at the Golden Gate Park Botanical Gardens last December where they had 7 or 8 food trucks for people to get dinner. Quite delicious, and allowed for mixing tacos with Thai food!

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Nope. And that might be what grieves me most about Clinton losing in 2016. I wanted those taco trucks, goddammit.

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No. Far distant Atlanta suburbs. No food trucks this far out.

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Yes, in the parking lot at work. One has cheesy tator tots that are to die for!

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I live in horse country where there are horses, lakes and golf courses. I wish there were food trucks. The only food trucks around are on some busier roads in CT. I work in a city in NY and there are restaurants but no food trucks.

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@Darth_Algar hahaha! Now that’s funny!

@chyna I would be fat as a hog, that’s my weakness….lol

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Nearby they do (not my town sadly). My favorites are a Grill Cheese Truck, a Chicken & Rice Truck and the Cookie Monstah truck (‘natch).

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Downtown across from the national recognized park, one or two trucks.

We also have several restaurants that have trucks in different parking lots for lunch during COVID-19 restrictions for in-door eating. (Most post a day or two before which lot that they are going to park for lunch).

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Hmm. Never seen one anywhere near my residential neighborhood, which is close to a busy downtown and several major arteries, as well as numerous office buildings. I wonder why. There’s only an ice cream truck, which maddeningly plays “La Cucaracha” on a short loop. I would think a food truck of any type or ethnicity would do very well in this area.

Oh, I do see a taco truck near the courthouse, but it stays put and doesn’t come through the neighborhoods.

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This evening, the resident food truck will be Two Smooth Dudes Gourmet Tots, a mobile restaurant that does original things with Tater Tots.

You know I’ll be queueing-up for this one. I mean, seriously, has there ever been a more perfect food than Tater Tots? Starch + oil + salt = all the basic food groups and the foundation for a balanced diet.

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