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Will Southern Republicans who live in the Gulf states rethink climate change?

Asked by JLeslie (61748points) October 26th, 2020 from iPhone

Another hurricane heading towards the Gulf states, and it’s quite late in the season after a very active hurricane season.

Isn’t it better to err on the side of caution and go ahead and try to reduce the emissions that many scientists think are hastening climate change?

The Republicans have plenty of other wedge issues to argue about with the Democrats, they don’t have to disagree with every single possible topic.

They can just drop the subject, go along, and no one will notice.

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Well, we can hope… but I did hear on rural American radio that disastrous weather in the Gulf states was caused by legalizing gay marriage… so…

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When the oceans rise and they’re about to get washed out to sea, yes.

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Republicans and Democrats get $$$$ from fossil fuel industry, so if they “drop the subject”, they lose their funding.

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They will blame ‘the libruls’ and ‘the gays’ for incurring god’s wrath.

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They will probably point out that for centuries this area was considered uninhabitable because of hurricanes.

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No the republicans will never give in to thinking climate change is a threat and should be dealt with,they will blame anything else first.
Trump has spent the last year or so deregulating crapload of pollution laws Rep/cons would fall on their sword before admitting climate change is an issue.

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Of course not, it’s all a Dem/Lib scam or plot anyway. Probably Hillary and Obama at SPECTRE headquarters plotting Operation Jade Climate. Anyone who dissents will be imprisoned in a K Mart attic.

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@hmmmmmm I was surprised Biden was so outspoken about that at the debate, actually, for that very reason.

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^ Biden is the candidate that was appointed to save the Dems from losing health insurance and fossil fuel $$. He’s the pro-fracking, anti-environment “alternative” to the…ummm…pro-fracking, anti-environment Republicans. They’re anti-science sociopaths who have agreed that it’s worth just letting the earth burn.

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Reason enough to live in North Georgia – not on the Gulf Coast and not on the Atlantic Coast.

What we have here is an altitude for 1000 feet above sea level and the foothills of the Appalachians. No serious climate change effects (at least from rising oceans) here, for at least 900,000 years.

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Why do you keep making the mistake of thinking Republicans are going to come to policy positions via reason, logic and evidence?

It’s like talking to someone with severe hallucinations and delusions and trying to explain to them that they should just stop imagining things… Good luck with that.

I’m just looking forward to the Boomers moving on (generally speaking, obviously I don’t wish harm on others) so we can get to work fixing all of the shit they’ve broken, and continue to sabotage all efforts to repair. This constant urge to find common ground and compromise with the extremist right has pulled the Democrats hard right too. We’re at war for the existence of a habitable planet. Time to stop playing nice.

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@gorillapaws Why do you think I think the Republicans will change their mind on this? I am just asking a question, I didn’t state an opinion.

I have a Trumper friend who recently posted on facebook an article about breaking up big companies like Facebook and Amazon, and she felt strongly it should be done. I told her Elizabeth Warren was very outspoken about this when she was running, and probably a lot of information on her thoughts about it are online if she was interested. I wonder if she even knew Warren had this as part of her platform, or just dismissed Warren as a liberal socialist. I wonder if her mind changes about breaking apart the monopolies now that she knows a Democrat was very serious about it.

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The thing about conservatives is that they only ever change their mind when they themselves are affected personally.
Riding the “covid is a hoax” train until someone close to them dies.
Being against “handouts” during a pandemic, until they realise that they will get money.
Alt-right women being against feminism and then complaining that alt-right men are treating them like trash.
Being against “socialised healthcare”, then walking around with “keep the government out of my medicare” signs.

There is a whole subreddit dedicated to that:

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@ragingloli Exactly right. That’s what caused me to ask the question. All those Southerners dealing with another hurricane. It is happening to them. Just not sure they are willing to put two and two together.

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Research into RWA psychology has shown that they are motivated primarily by fear. This fear manifests as existential terror of change and choice, which results in them instinctively giving blind support for what appears to be the strongest, most confident alpha male. Their brain processes work backwards from this goal, so they will then rationalize anything necessary to justify this support.

One of the most remarkable effects of this process is that psych studies on RWAs have shown that being proved wrong actually makes them more fanatical about their beliefs. In fact, the more wrong they are, the more desperate they become to force others to support what they know is an incorrect belief. It’s why arguing with RWAs is not only pointless, it’s actually counter-productive; it makes their beliefs more entrenched the more facts and logic you’re able to marshal against them.

Or as a meme I recently saw put it, “Don’t argue with people John Brown would have shot.”

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@SmashTheState Jelly Nef asked a Q about that. It’s called the Backfire Effect. It falls under Cognitive Biases.

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