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Now that the claim of massive voter fraud has been relegated exclusively to the realm of the “lunatic fringe”, what’s next on the conspiracy list?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24128points) December 4th, 2020 from iPhone

Are Joe & Hunter behind the “wave” of “proven” alien abductions?

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No dang ol’ lefty libral smarty pants. But I knowed plum well that Hillary was drivin’ that thar UN van me and ol’ Cletus seen up to the deer lease. Now you dang yankee fellers just skeedadle back up north, had ‘nuff of you boys givin’ my Susy Mae high fallutin’ ideas bout bein’ góod as men folk and needin’ one of them Car-Reers. Done told me I have to git her some shoes ‘n fix my own vittles now. Never woulda happened with them nice Republican fellers runnin’ thangs. Now you git, you hear?

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~ ~ ~ ~ Well you got that right @stanleybmanly !

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Oh lord.

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Just carry on what they have been and blame Obama,hilary,Joe , and Hunter for everything wrong in the world today.

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No idea Hillary was being polite when she described trump supporters as a basket of deplorables.

I have to say I really admire those here who still post responses defending the leader of the lunatic fringe. It takes real inner strength to do this despite suffering from all that pain of being such bitter and sad losers.

Their leader trump is the worst, the most pathetic loser in the history of American politics. So what’s next on the conspiracy list? Only lunatics know.

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As has been pointed out, the goal was not really to overturn the election but rather to deligitimize Biden’s administration and put as many explosives and boulders and barbed wires as possible in his path. If we can have some violence too, so much the better. This guy is not “Après moi, le nice, civilized little déluge.” He’s “After me, the fire and fury.” He really does want to burn it down.

Don’t forget, Obama was blamed for sunspot activity.

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Logic doesn’t exist in their reasoning, so they are doubling down, claiming Trump won California.

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Trump is trying to get as many people infected with COVID so when he finally has to turn over the White House keys, the medical system and the country will be left a steaming pile of excrement for the next people to clean up.

Like your disgusting uncle of who uses your toilet during Thanskgiving and leaves the seat and rim a mess.

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LMAO. “Trump won California.“ I just can’t.

@LuckyGuy I said that yesterday to someone in different words.

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Biden and Hunter are behind the mystery of the monoliths.

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Unfortunately 70 percent of republicans have bought into drumpf’s election fraud lies, so the “lunatic fringe” as you call it, has massively expanded.

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^Hard for me to believe a great number of those people polled were not just lying when asked. Surely they can’t be all that idiotic!

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@mazingerz88 “Is it dark at night ?”

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@ragingloli The “lunatic fringe” is mainstream on the Right these days. The Right is nothing but conspiracy theories anymore.

I guess the next big conspiracy is vaccines. They’ll refuse to get COVID vaccines and wonder why the pandemic won’t end.

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@Demosthenes Well yeah it will just go away with warm weather,er cold weather uh summer weather and it will be a miracle.
And masks don’t work, and no way can the economy be shut down again people will commit suicide if they can’t go to work.

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I maybe in denial here of how stupid some Americans can truly be. By preferring to think that majority of Qanonites know it’s all BS they’re promulgating but they desperately needed something to rally around on and energized themselves with.

I’ve always believed that Republicans can’t sell their ideas to majority of rational and reasonable voters. They can only sell them to the opportunistic or the angry or ignorant or racist voters pretty fast. Not having a life and indulging in conspiracy theories is the method to their madness?
Anger, cruelty and stupidity. Effective recruiting strategy.

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We encouraged kids to believe in Santa Claus and assorted other stupid fantasies. We didn’t address the utter illogic of it. And we let them grow up watching TV. Now we’re surprised at the dumb stuff they believe and the lack of rational questioning? Come on.

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