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Who is the most famous person that someone you know has hooked up with?

Asked by girlofscience (7553points) September 8th, 2008

I apologize for the poor wording of this question. Do you know someone who has hooked up with a celebrity of some sort? I think this could lead to some fun and interesting responses!

The closest person to a “celebrity” that anyone I know has hooked up with is Obama Girl (you know, from I’ve Got a Crush on Obama).

How about you?

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I hooked up with the Obama girl, too!

Man, she gets around!

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@Meatwad: I don’t believe you! Where, when, and under what circumstances?

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I know a girl who made out with one of those Jonas Brothers.

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My friend Dara allegedly hooked up with Jake Epstein of Degrassi High television fame.

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At a bar in Philly last year! She couldn’t keep her hands off of me! She said that I looked like Barack!

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I have four women friends, two married to Nobel Prize winners and two to Pulizer winners. Do they count?

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I was in the Disney college program at the same time as Dave Annable. I didn’t hook up with him at all, but I have a very distinct memory of being at a party with him and watching him dance on a chair to Will Smith’s “Miami.” Everyone in the CP called him “hottie Dave.” He is shortish though, like 5’7”.

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@gailcalled: Haha, I was thinking along similar lines when I asked this question because I know many who are married to “famous” scientists, but I was more thinking along the lines of people who are famous in pop culture.

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Do dreams count?- I think everyone has a long list of fantasty hook-ups.

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My mother-in-law used to date Richard Egan.

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Lol. Okay, this is going to seem ridiculous.

I know a producer for the Spike Jonze’s 2009 Where The Wild Things Are, and the producer’s daughter is like 13, and she is a close friend of my counsins’. Anyway, she made out with the kid that is playing Max while they were filming.

But Max is not yet famous, because the movie is his second role and it hasn’t been released.

So like a year from now this post will be cool.

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I worked with someone who made out with Rufus Wainwright (musician) at a party. Note: my manager was also a guy.

Also, I “know” (friend of a friend) a dude who goes to USC and lives next to one of the girls in The Hills (TV show). That same guy was at a party and Rob from Rob and Big pulled a gun on him. Apparently the guy I know is such a metrosexual that Rob got pissed and didn’t believe him when he told him that he wasn’t “a fag.”

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This is funny. I had a summer fling with one of the neighbor girls from Family Ties who was on the show every 2 or 3 weeks—my friend later hosted Saturday Night Live, which was a trip because I knew nothing about her acting, I only knew she was hot, rich, and generous, and I was a poor starving student/surfer/waiter—which is where I met her, serving dinner in Waikiki.

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my son was in school with the Princess of Jordan and knows Danny DeVito’s daughter

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Great answers so far, people! This thread is fun. Keep them coming.

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I know someone who hooked up with Raul Esparza, and he’s sort of famous in the New York theatre world. That’s about it.

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Here are more answers.

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A busboy that worked on my team, named Tommy hooked up with Pauly Shore, not just like once, I mean, Pauly came back to Hawaii to visit Tommy at least a couple of times. This was in the early 1990’s—so Tommy if you are out there, hit me back.

Pauly Shore was a real wad, if you know what I mean. Also Troy Aikman was doing one of my waitress friends and even left the Pro Bowl early to get with her—Aikman got at 10k fine for leaving a game early—it was in 1992/1993 can’t remember….

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My wife did KISS!

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Clubbing in NY you tend to meet a lot of famous people. One of my friends kissed Derek Jeter. Another friend had Stephen Baldwin mesmerized… He asked her out but she passed…

Both happened many years ago.

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hm, supposedly one of my grandmas had a fling with Al Capone way back. Though I have no idea how true that is.

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My wealthy, 20 year old friend was playing poker in Las Vegas (don’t ask me, I still don’t know how he did it). Oh, and he was sitting next to Vince Vaughn. I don’t think he made out with Vince… just friendly Texas Hold’em…?

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I can’t even remember who it was but a friend of a friend made out with jake gyllenhaal.

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Yes. But then, I used to work for a concert promoter, so it wasn’t unusual for some hooking up to happen.

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I made out with one of the contestans of the 2004 Miss Universe contest, and met Petra Nemcova :)
One of my ex gf’s modeled for Prada for a while :)

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I can’t believe I forgot to mention… my best friend slept with Josh from Daughtry.

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And before AC’s this; we have Cornman in April

Slightly different wording but some interesting answers, from the old gang.

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I went to a small college of 1800 students, so you can imagine the gossip chain that was set off when Frankie Muniz showed up at an off-campus party. One of my classmates was forever known as “that girl who went down on Malcolm in the Middle.” I think he was like 20 at the time.

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Oh where to begin. I’m not one to gossip, but have a feeling you guys will like this one.

A friend of mine who is a stripper spent a night in the champaigne room with Ferggie and her boyfriend, Josh Duval(?), at the same time.

That’s all I’m saying.

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Interesting. Here’s a story about a Fergie birthday party in Las Vegas, which seemed to include “belly dancers.” The party apparently completely tuckered her out, because she cancelled a party the next day.

She seemed sick for both parties, so perhaps she couldn’t keep Josh entertained? Some speculated that she was hiding a pregnancy. It could have been some kind of intestinal problem, too. This information was posted on Mon, Mar 31, 2008. I wonder if this fits the time frame for the events that Spargett is familiar with. Ironically, Fergie is excited about adding the role of prostitute to her acting portfolio.

Oh yeah, according to the article, it’s Josh Duhamel

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I kissed Dennis Miller on New Year’s Eve in an elevator in the MGM in Reno. It was midnight and everyone was kissing everybody else.

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I shook Bobby Kennedy’s hand once. In fact I believe it was the day before he was shot.

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My friend Donnie hooked up with Billie Joe Armstrong on stage during the American Idiot tour, haha

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ASTRO—were you the second shooter?

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Bobby Kennedy, not John.

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