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Where can I find free moving boxes?

Asked by Islavista (17points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

I’m moving soon and would like to pick up around 20 large moving boxes. Does anyone know a place where I can get these for free?

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Sometimes there are freecycle websites you can sign up for, or try Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist – I believe they have a free section. Also, on FB, you might try posting in local groups, if you belong to any, and say you’re looking for moving boxes.

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I haven’t had to move in a long time, but I used to go to liquor stores and supermarkets and ask if there was a day I could come back to pick up boxes. It works best if you’re willing to spare them the work of breaking them down first.

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I remember in the past, I was told that the boxes that hold eggs are good and sturdy.

If you are a member of a store like Costco, they have pallets of boxes and cardboard trays in the front of the store and in the back, that they break down for recycling, but first they offer them to customers to take for their shopping.

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Thank you everyone! I will check all the sources mentioned here

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Liquor store boxes are the best. They’re heavy duty and small enough for one person to carry.

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The local liquor store has a bunch. Sometimes they stack them outside so anyone can just take what they want.
They are really nice for smaller, heavier things like books or tools.

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Try a large grocery store chain.

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Where I live, moving boxes are a common offer on

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Any supermarket, pharmacy for example. You just ask them what time to get there.

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@Islavista Try your local liquor stores.

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Most everything was covered above, but I’ll reiterate,

Facebook marketplace

Facebook group for your community or city

Small retail store.

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Look on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. People often put their moving boxes on the street and make a post saying the boxes are free and can be picked at up xxxxxxxx.

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