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Does your place of business insist you get vaccinated?

Asked by chyna (46272points) 2 days ago from iPhone

This question was brought to mind because a hospital in Texas is going to suspend over a hundred workers that haven’t received a vaccine.
I work in a hospital and it’s not mandated for us to get the shot.
I would think it’s illegal, but I’m not a lawyer.
So do you or anyone you know work somewhere that insists you get the vaccine? How do you feel about it?

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I work for the government. They’re quite liberal.

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No. I was told most cannot require it legally yet without FDA approval.

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@KNOWITALL not sure about that. There have been several recent articles that clarify that an employer can require vaccinations to continue to work there. Conditions of employment. Yes there are a few exceptions, but “I don’t want to” isn’t one of them. And you can be fired if you lie.

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I work in a university medical center. All faculty, students, and staff have to get vaccinated. I am happy with that decision.

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@elbanditoroso Just what the hospital said when I asked why they didn’t require it of healthcare workers.
I’m vaccinated but I still don’t want to be around unmasked/ unvaccinated unless I absolutely have to.

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To answer the OP’s question:

No, my employer is not requiring it (small software company). That said, I think that 49 out 50 people have had the shots, so it isn’t really an issue.

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We are not required to be vaccinated where I work, but unvaccinated people must abide by rules regarding masks and social distancing that do not apply to vaccinated staff. The rest of us still have protocols in place, but they are not as stringent as they were pre-vaccination.

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I’m unsure of the legality of it. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t violate the Nuremberg Code.

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I just googled it to find out if they can require the vaccination, legally, and found this:

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This is cut and pasted from the NY Times:

“There is some murkiness, since the rules vary state by state.
In theory, federal law should trump state law, but the situation is tricky: The recent guidance mostly functions as a reminder that federal equal employment opportunity laws do not prohibit employers from requiring vaccines. But states have been staking out their own paths.

In South Carolina, for example, state agencies can encourage employees to get vaccinated, but they cannot require them to be. They also cannot require South Carolinians to provide proof of their vaccination status as a condition for receiving government services or gaining access to any government buildings, following an executive order by Gov. Henry McMaster, a Republican.

On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, also a Republican, signed a law prohibiting businesses or government entities in the state from requiring digital proof of vaccination, joining states such as Arkansas and Florida. It is not clear whether the new law will affect Houston Methodist’s mandate that employees be vaccinated.”

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@jca2 Both are good articles. Thanks.

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Our hospital currently does not require because it’s still under EUA. Once it goes to full FDA approval we will.

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@Caravanfan Do you have an idea how long full approval will take? Apparently the FDA just approved a fairly sketchy Alzheimer’s drug – in terms of results.

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No, but we would consider anyone who doesn’t get one a little suspect and a person to avoid.
I only know one person who has not been vaccinated and he does not work in my industry. He’s a conspiracy theorist/consumer. You name it. He will believe it – as long as there is no science behind the claim.
NY now has the Excelsior pass which works great to prove vaccination and takes the “honor” out of the honor system.

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Self employed & no!!
Free will, live free.

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If I want to play with the toys, it only makes sense that I get vaccinated against contracting them. I probably have had more jabs against the known bacteria, viral and fungal infections in the know universe than your average bear.

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I work at a university and yes, all faculty, staff, and students are required to be vaccinated (unless they have a documentable medical or religious reason not to). We all have to submit copies of our vaccination cards to health services.

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Yes. All of them.

But I would have anyway.

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Not required, but they pay $40 per shot, host onsite vaccination clinics for employees and family members, and about three weeks ago removed the mask mandate for the vaccinated.

They’ve also had onsite Covid testing through the pandemic and encourage testing every two weeks.

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New York State gave 4 hours of paid leave for each shot, so it really encouraged workers to get the shot because they wouldn’t be losing time at work to do so. In order to get the four hours granted, you had to show your vaccine card as proof, so the employer has that now.

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I had heard companies can require vaccination as a condition for employment so the articles @jca2 posted were interesting. I guess that is being addressed in multiple states. I assume very small businesses will be allowed to do whatever they want even if there is some sort of legislation.

Most places that required employees wear masks this past year seem to be allowing vaccinated workers to not wear masks now. Scary though is at least half the employees I still see with masks on have them under their nose or chin. So, now the no mask employees are the safer people to be around.

As far as the vaccines getting full FDA approval, both Pfizer and Moderna have fairly recently submitted the paperwork for full approval, I don’t know about any of the others. It takes several months for review, so I figure the earliest will be fall, but I don’t know the exact time line. The good thing is it’s in the process.

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