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Would you vacation in a place that is similar to where you live?

Asked by JLeslie (65185points) January 4th, 2022 from iPhone

I’m thinking in terms of both scenery and climate. You can use other parameters too.

For instance, if you lived in Florida would you vacation in other tropical climates? Or, if you lived in the mountains would you go to see other mountain ranges? Or, do you like to vacation in a very different type of place from where you live.

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I go lots of places. Some are like where I live while other are very different. It’s all good, for each place has something to offer.

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Absolutely – it is beautiful where I live (same with when I lived in FL).

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Yes, I have been to a number of California-like Mediterranean climates. They were in the actual Mediterranean so they differed quite a bit in the man-made scenery even if the scraggly, dry hills and oleanders looked very familiar. Based on my explorations with Google Street View, no place looks more like California and the Bay Area than South Australia. Yet even then I would love to visit some day.

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No as home is home and a vacation I feel , is for expanding ones environment and perspectives and thus feel different.

I had in the past gone to the West coast of Canada on Vancouver island and loved the sea and different scenes of sailboats and bigger ones going through.

Even though I loved the difference I wouldn’t want to live there as it rains way too much as expected near a Sea way.

Plus even though the winters there are warmer it is a wet heavy feeling of which lingers on far too long for me to appreaciate all year round weather changes.

I like living near the mountains and dry land with hot , warm days mixed with the odd very cold month or two, but it doesn’t bother me .

Rains come and go but not as frequent as near the Sea.

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My wife and I did when we visited her people in Lima, Peru. :)

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If the vacation locale had attractions not like any near my home, then yes.

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I enjoy trips to Arkansas, which is very similar scenery but much different vibes, yes.

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If I were visiting friends, then, yes. In general, the winters here can be pretty miserable. That is a good time to leave and go to another climate.
Summer and Fall are gorgeous here, and there is lots to do, so there is no reason to go somewhere else then.
Maybe a visit to the Shore for a short while.

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Have before, but I don’t take vacations now. Too expensive for a bunch of nothing.

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Since I had my stroke, I don’t vacation very often because it’s way too much trouble!!! I live in the perfect location for mini-vacations. I drive roughly1 hour North & I’m in the mountains…3 hours East & I’m at the beach. IF I’m feeling really froggy, I can drive roughly 4 hours & have some beautiful days in Tennessee. About the same time driving South & I’m in Alabama I no longer enjoy being in big crowds, so waking up early for a drive to the beach works well for me!!! I can enjoy most of the day in the sun with a gentle breeze brushing across my face & still be home for dinner & sleeping in my own bed that night. I frequently take those mountain day trips in the fall during the leaf color changes. For some reason, the fall change is a lot prettier up in the mountains!!!

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