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Are you "shedding" this winter?

Asked by janbb (60229points) January 24th, 2022

While I still have plenty, I seem to be losing some of the hair on my head lately and I’m wondering if this is seasonal or aging. A lot comes off on the brush when I brush it and the strands themselves seem thinner. Not very happy about it. I am going for my physical in a month or so and will ask my doctor about my thyroid levels.

I’ll put this in Social and am happy to get both practical answers and humorous ones because on the scale of things I worry about, it is not high on the list.

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Shedding?! I am not some bear having to lose its winter coat come spring.
What a completely and utterly st-
Oh, my arm just fell off. I suppose that counts.

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Not me. If anything, my beard is coming in faster and bushier than ever.

But that’s not your problem, I trust.

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Yes, I’ve been concerned about how much hair remains in the brush. I’ve read that a vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss. I’m thinking about getting a bloodtest for both that and my thyroid numbers.

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I lost many hairs some two to four years ago, the whole year through.
I was in a pretty bad place that time, so I contributed that hair loss to much stress, not the best hair care, and no visits to the hairdresser for years.
Once I took anti-depressants, and got a few inches off my hair, ir became much healthier, and I shed much, much less.
I even (think I) have more volume.

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In winter months the air is too dry so conditioner is paramount during this time.
Hair sheds periodcially as new hair strands grow in this is normal.
But again in very dry conditions or just having too dry hair ( from procducts etc) requires moisture shampoos and conditioners.
My hair is much better now after using special products that treat these dry condtions.

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Yes – But I’m recycling it into a great sweater that should be available on etsy by next Christmas (reserve your bids now)!

Really though, I am and I do. Just probably not as much as an average person. I’ve got some hormone/genetic things going on that mean my hair grows fast year round. Even with that I still notice a little thinning about twice a year, it just always grows back.

But winter & summer shedding is a real thing and may be more noticable with age, or if there are some underlying health issues. And I agree with what others have said about things you can do to manage hair loss: B & D vitamin suppliments, extra moisturizing, conditioning masks, and keratin or other treatments.

I can also recommend a good plumber to help with those drains…

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seriously, @JLoon weaving you hair into a sweater. I can’t decide if that is creepy or brilliant.

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@elbanditoroso – HA!

The possibilities are endless, but I’m only in charge of production ;p

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Check your thyroid.

Supposedly, iron and biotin can affect hair too.

You’ve been on this planet a long time. You know when your hair loss is abnormal. Don’t just chalk it up to seasonal. Are you out in the elements for hours on end daily? I doubt it. Have you been in these temperatures every year for the last 30 years? I’m guessing yes. You know your body.

If it doesn’t quit get a blood test next time you see your doctor.

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Careful! This is the kind of thread that will cause some to claim baldness is result of vaccines.

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Pounds . . .

I weight four pounds less than December 31th 2021.

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I’m losing a lot, probably due to age.

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I hope you get it checked out to alleviate any anxiety.

Not shedding hair or pounds. However, my 401k and stocks seemed to have been shedding $$$ lately. Where is the autocorrect when you need one.

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@Forever_Free And why do the financial planners seem to lack as much foresight as we do??

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Nope but I brush it and leave it alone. Maybe healthier now than ever minus all the chemicals from color and fixing it daily.
Women usually lose more as they age, I read. Hopefully just a natural process. :)

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