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How's the Fluther community doing these days?

Asked by KRD (5074points) March 25th, 2022

How’s everyone doing?

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I’m trying to get our bedroom straightened up.

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I went through some weeks of being very down, but I’ve come out of it. I’m good.

Thanks for asking.

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IF I was any better, I’d be twins!!!

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OMG, I don’t want to think about another one!

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Life is back on track. Have enough food to last till payday. Experiment eating steel cut oats and fruit is working well. So well that I might be able to save money next month. I finally made a choice in careers. I chose career counseling as a vocation. I might have had Covid twice last year. Didn’t hurt much, and few symptoms

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Compared to what?

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My life is PERFECT!

As long as I stay in bed.

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I’m still wasting resources.

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I’m painting my livng room which is a slow process because I have so much stuff in it. I bought a couch and chair in early January and brought them to an upholsterer to have slipcovers made. Luckily he’s not harassing me about delivering them, because I told him take your time, I’m redoing my living room. In a few weeks, we’re going away for a few days and the new floor is going to be put down in the living room. Then it can all be put back together again. Meantime, the house is a chaotic mess.

I’m enjoying being retired. I love not having to rush out the door in the morning. Money is a bit tighter, but that’s ok.

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Hardest time of my life right now, mom’s in hospice. Covid. Hope you’re doing well.

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^ I’m really sorry. [Bear hugs]

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@KNOWITALL hope she gets better.

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@KRD Thanks but she’s terminal. :(

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