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Why did the cat sit down (details inside)

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20994points) 1 month ago

Ok, this is a silly question, but I’m a bit curious. I was riding home when I saw the neighbor’s cat outside of its house. The neighbor’s house is next to mine so at that point I had already stopped and got down of my motorbike. The cat was looking at me with its tail curved mid-air. I was bored, so I decided to be friendly with the cat and see what happened. I bent down my back and just blink at the cat continuously. The cat kept looking at me, but after a while it sat down instead of the original position. It was sitting straight up and still looking at me. I then opened my door and got inside, but not before looking back at the cat. It was still sitting and looking at me.

I wonder what the cat was thinking. Could it see that I was attempting to be friendly? Was it confused about what to do? Or was it feeling relaxed?

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We shall never know.
The furry Gods’ motivations are far beyond the understanding of mere mortals.

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The cat was not going to cede any respect to you. but rather was demonstrating its patience while waiting for you and all other humans to die so it could eat your face.

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My guesses:

Could it see that I was attempting to be friendly?
– Yes.

Was it confused about what to do?
– Not confused, but undecided.

Or was it feeling relaxed?
– Cats often see humans trying to reach out, and many of them often choose to just sit and watch.

I think cats sometimes sit down when people try to entice them, to indicate to the human that they’d rather sit where they are. At least for the moment.

What cats choose to do can depend on many things, and is different with each cat.

For example, they often have a current agenda of what they’re doing (e.g., waiting at home to be let in so they can eat), and may not want to change what they’re doing. Common modes include eat, hunt, patrol, explore, groom, and rest. You have the best chance at affection during explore and rest modes, and the least during eat and hunt modes.

Also, different cats have different levels of interest and comfort dealing with humans they don’t know. And cats tend to be suspicious of humans who seem to want something from them.

If you went back outside and sat on your porch, blinked at them again and then did something else while sitting down, not looking at them, they might come over. Or they might not.

A while ago, a cat just watched me from a distance until I lay down on the ground and made petting gestures. Then they came over.

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Could it be related to this old folk song ?

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The cat was checking you out in deciding whether or not it could steal the motorbike. It was watching you continuously because it thought it unusual that a person might abandon her motorbike to the whims of an ambitious cat. If the bike was there when you returned, you can assure yourself that the kitty properly sprayed your bike so other cats identify it (and you) as his.

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I live in a cat rich environment and I believe the cat was waiting for its present. It sat down to show you it was not moving for no reason. :)

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The cats in our neighborhood for some strange reason suspend their territorial feuds and congregate on our deck to lay around in the sun. They will battle, shriek and abuse one another all over the yard and particularly on the fences, their highways of preference. But any cat who can make it to the deck is apparently guaranteed immediate suspension of hostilities and the onset of restful torpor. The deck in sunshine is the equivalent of a kitty opium den.

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He was figuring out the most vulnerable part of your body so he can kill you.

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From the title question alone, I would expect this to be a short story by Franz Kafka or maybe Kurt Vonnegut.

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In the spirit of @Hawaii_Jake’s post, I would say Beckett, and the cat is waiting.
For Godot.

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The fast, continuous blinking probably threw him off. Supposedly, one way to show/tell a cat that you love it is to blink very slowly at it, a couple of times. If they blink back, you’re blessed. I made that part up, but it feels true. My cats blinked back. Then again, if I got their attention and swallowed very hard and deliberately while looking at them, or if I licked my lips, they did the same back. We had very full lives. ;D

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Maybe it was trained to sit and wait for his treat.

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@HP I was still standing next to my motorbike. What I did was I leaned down on my motorbike’s seat and faced the cat. We were not that close but close enough to see each other clearly.

@smudges yeah I admit I did it a bit too fast at first, but then I tried slowing down. I still don’t know how to blink properly :D

@KNOWITALL @Inspired_2write now I feel bad for not having anything for it to eat :(

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@Mimishu1995 There’s always next time since it’s your neighbor. On my morning walks I say hello to about 15 neighbor cats and it’s a great way to start mu day. :)

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So have a treat for it everytime you meet him.( Thats if you want him around).

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Don’t try to outstare a cat. Sometimes I wonder if they even realize that they are being stared at.

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^^^^ Cats don’t consider it staring. They consider it adoration.

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The cat wanted you to take his or her photo.

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@zenvelo ’...die so it could eat your face’ Hilarious! I laughed so hard I peed!
But you’re kidding right?

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@WhyNow I hope you don’t die with a hungry cat in the house

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^^It’s all fun and games until the cat starts eating your face!

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Cats don’t eat faces, they bite from the neck, skinning off your whole head. Face, ears, scalp and hair. Then wear them.

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Silence of the Cats.

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