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Would it be considered authoritarian to make a law that requires people to get a permit to set off fireworks near their home?

Asked by rockfan (13735points) 1 month ago from iPhone

It’s something I’d love to see, considering I hate it when people set off their own fireworks in the neighborhood for 5 days in a row, creating noise pollution and possible emotional distress to children with autism.

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Where I live, fireworks, even “safe and sane” ones, are illegal in most jurisdictions. And no explosive fireworks ever (except in Chinatown at the Lunar New Year) unless you have pyrotechnic license issued by the state.

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Authoritarian/libertarian exists on a spectrum. Yes this is on the authoritarian side of the midpoint—but not by much IMO. The state often has compelling reasons to limit personal liberties.

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In my county, they fall under the Noise Control ordinance:

When does the Noise Control Ordinance take effect?
The Noise Control Ordinance adopted by the County Board of Commissioners went into effect June 1, 2021.

What sounds are regulated by the ordinance?
The following sounds are regulated by the ordinance:

Mechanical sound making devices such as radios, stereos, speakers, loudspeakers, soundbars, televisions, musical instruments, horns, whistles, bells, chimes or carillons, phonographs, amplification devices, or other machines or devices for the producing, reproducing, or amplifying of sound;
Human-produced sounds such as yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling, singing, speaking, or arguing;
Impulsive sound;
Party and event noise;
Testing of burglar, fire, or car alarms; and
Sound coming from construction and demolition activities, machines, or electrical generators.

How are sounds regulated under the ordinance?

Under the Noise Control Ordinance, sounds are regulated by location, time, and distance using the plainly audible standard.

How are fireworks addressed in the Noise Control Ordinance?

State law preempts the County’s regulation of sound from fireworks on January 1, the last Saturday and Sunday in May, July 3, July 4, the first Monday in September, and December 31 and only authorizes the County to regulate the sound from consumer fireworks as part of general noise regulation. Under the County’s Noise Control Ordinance, consumer fireworks are exempted on the days and times specified in state law. At all other times, the sound from consumer fireworks is regulated by the Noise Control Ordinance and subject to the same time, distance, and location restrictions as other impulsive sounds.

What if I am holding a special event that might exceed the sound limits in the ordinance?

The Noise Control Ordinance includes a noise permit process whereby event organizers can obtain a noise permit for events of short duration upon approval of a noise permit application by the Department of Planning and Development.

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Maybe but I’d join you. Too many unsupervised kids shooting too close to homes here.

We are only allowed three garage sales a year or you have to get a permit, so I think it could work.

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A permit might be ok as long as it addresses fire concerns along with noise .

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Yes. One can have freedom to do something or freedom from someone infringing on your space. You can’t have both without some give on the other side. Governments try to have a healthy balance of the two.

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Fireworks are illegal here in Illinois. Does that stop anything? Not a bit.

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Where I live, it is illegal to set off any fireworks at my home…even sparklers, so most of my neighbors would be happy to obtain a permit in order to enjoy their fireworks!!! I’m NOT a big fan of fireworks,so it wouldn’t affect me in any way!!! I would see it as a way for the government to make even more money off the backs of the average person.

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Yeah, perfect the example of: “Sure…you can make a law for that. Won’t change a thing”

You should see the explosive extravaganza the rednecks put on here despite the fact it’s illegal as hell. I may be one of those rednecks myself at times.

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It was illegal in my state until about two years ago and it was much quieter than it is now. I wish it were still illegal.

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