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Excuse me, did you just drop this?

Asked by RayaHope (5117points) 1 month ago

What is it that you have just dropped? Come up with something we can have fun with :)

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The thing I drop most often is
the f bomb.

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Beer bottle. Nothing to be done, problem solved. Sweeping up glass now. It was a Lone Star. But I drink Coors so often I’ll settle for a Pabst. Mighty white of you to offer. : )

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Sad to say…I have a similar problem as @filmfann. I’m trying to do better & I am. It’s just every now & then that one pops out at a very inopportune time!!!

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^^ I just so happen to have a bar of soap, not sure if that will help. Probably cause more f-bombs lol

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^^ You are correct…wouldn’t help one fucking bit!!! ;}

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^^ LOL!! OMG! @LadyMarissa.. you just made me drop my soap!

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When I see someone ahead of me drop garbage on the street, I overtake them and say, “I think you dropped some money back there”.

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^^ I bet that gets their attention! :)

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A hint. I just dropped a hint. Don’t even bother to try to guess it.

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^^ I won’t even think of assuming it has anything to do with Cate Blanchett.

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I drop a popsicle.

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Open carton of eggs.

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I dropped a full, 75ml oil sample bottle yesterday. Ugh! Fortunately I was outdoors so the mess soaked into the ground. It was still a mess to clean up.

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I dropped the ball at work the other day. Got busy with some things and missed a PM that was due.

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I just dropped a new song with my band.

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@Forever_Free Oh, you have a band? That is so lit! What kind of stuff do you play?

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Someone at Mar A Lago dropped a dime.

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My drawers.

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@SnipSnip…the ones from your dresser…right?

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