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What happens if Judaism announces a messiah?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) January 22nd, 2023 from iPhone

In the Christian tradition this has most famously already taken place.

What happens in the world when Judaism identifies their Messiah?

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They would still be Jews. Or they would split more. There are orthodox and regular Jews, so I think it would depend on who calls it.

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If the Jews announce a messiah it would mean we are entering the messianic era and there will be peace across the world. Sounds good to me.

Since we obviously do not have a peaceful world where all evil is gone, this proves the messiah has not been here yet. According to Judaism.

Orthodox and regular Jews? Which ones are regular? The secular ones?

Orthodox, ultra-orthodox, conservative, reform, to name a few ways Jews are divided up.

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@JLeslie LOL. Sorry about that. It’s not just Jews. I do that with Catholics as well. Christians is the only one I wouldn’t say that because their names are all well-known, Evangelicals, Protestants, Methodist, Baptist, and so on. I just know from growing up in the city that Orthodox Jews, look differently and like Orthodox Christians that do not follow the Vatican. So I assume Orthodox Jews are very unlike the more recognized Jewish community we know today. That its why I called them the regular or common Jewish faith. At least here in the States. Though after looking it up, it seems Orthodox Jews are increasing while the rest is decreasing. Interesting.

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All the christians would instantly flip to antisemitism, because the Jewish Messiah will explicitly not be Jesus or his “second coming”.
They would be losing their fucking minds.

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As far as I understand it what happens before the announcement of the messiah is more important than what happens after and there will be no messiah until the conditions are right.

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@Pandora I’m not offended or anything, but I don’t get how Orthodox Jews are like Orthodox Christians who don’t follow the Vatican. You mean Eastern Orthodox Christians? I thought the Catholics follow the Vatican. I’ve never heard or thought of that comparison before. The Orthodox Jews are the most observant in Judaism, and Judaism doesn’t have a central governing body like the Vatican or some other Christian faiths.

@ragingloli I would not have thought that. I would have guessed that if the Christians did witness a religious figure or major change in the world they would just twist it in their minds that this new messiah fits what they always thought the Bible said. I would think they would call it the second coming of God and that the Christians were right all along.

Now, that you mentioned your take on it, I see where you are coming from, and how it could be twisted into hate against the Jews. I guess I thought of it as the Jews wouldn’t proclaim a messiah unless really big things were happening across the world that are very observable by billions of people. I don’t think it’s going to be like Jesus. I guess Christians could hate Jews in that circumstance though, saying it’s anti-Christian for the Jews to take credit?

Isn’t the second coming of God ultimately supposed to bring a peace on earth? I don’t know much about it. I realize the Christians also think anyone who didn’t accept Christ as their savior will be thrown into the fire like Satan and all evil people, but there are ways around that.

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@JLeslie The Second Coming marks the end of the world as we know it.

There is no central Jewish authority that would declare or designate a particular person as the Messiah. I doubt anyone could get two Talmudic scholars to agree on lunch, let alone who is the Messiah.

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@zenvelo Yeah, I think that’s why I assumed it would have to be some sort of extreme event witnessed by the world where everyone is probably on the same page for the “Jews” to be proclaiming the Messiah has shown up.

I thought the second coming ultimately brings peace. After all the horror I guess.

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Well unfortinately the Antichrist will be Jewish and accepted as the Messiah and ruler by the Jews in Jerusalem. He would rule 7 years before Gabriel and Christ defeated him.

So in this scenario, I think many Christians would see it as end times and it could lead to negative consequences.

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Real or imagined, it brings a massive party!!

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@KNOWITALL Wait, the antichrist will be Jewish? I know nothing about this. Is that in the Bible?

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The Book of Joshua says, “You shall meditate on the Torah all day and all night.”. That’s all I can tell without learning ancient Hebrew.
Life is not fun. Life is serious. The realities of life confirm the words of Rabbi Simon Ben-Eliazar, who says, “At all times let a man be supple as a reed and not rigid as a cedar.”.
Related question. Can all the prophecies about the Messiah come true only in the literal sense? Is the answer to this question just a familiar choice for you?

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@JLeslie No the bible says it would be a gentile.
Irenaeus and Hippolytus, and AW Pink (and other) wrote extensively about the Antichrist and concluded it would be a Jew from the tribe of Dan.

There are arguments for an against in the link below:

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No one will believe it.

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@KNOWITALL Interesting. Thank you for digging up that link. Mostly what came through to me is there are people out there who believe the antichrist will be Jewish. So, I would assume that reinforces distrust of Jews among the people who believe that. Just another thing.

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@JLeslie You’re welcome. I never was told the Antichrist would be Jewish and was surprised to read that.

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Who is Judaism? You said “Judaism” announces? Who would make the announcement?

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Judaism is a religion. I did not invent the word, and I phrased the question without suppositions.

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@Ltryptophan It’s just that Judaism doesn’t have a leader or a single human being who is THE authority figure of the religion. It isn’t organized like Catholicism or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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I deem myself leader of the Jews. So I’ll let you all know if I come across a Messiah on the street.

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It would be interesting to see what questions could be asked of a messiah to prove he was a/the messiah. How could anyone believe him??

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There are lots of people in the world who will believe anything.

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Judaism and Christianity aside, the Bible does mention that in the End Times, the Euphrates River will dry up (happening right now) allowing for an army of millions to enter the Near East. China? And this Anti Christ character will lead his armies against them at Armageddon (Megiddo?) Spooky stuff. Interesting to speculate about though.

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If a Jewish sect announced (and named or pointed to) a Messiah, the rest of the world’s Jews would have various reactions, but none of them supportive. Some would be indignant. Some would be angry. Some would laugh.
If the Messiah “gained traction”, it would result in a lot of dinner arguments.

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There are lots of people in the world who will believe anything.

As we know based on events in the recent past. :D

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