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What are the best portable reusable water bottles - glass, stainless, glass lined stainless?

Asked by lrcrane505 (10points) September 28th, 2008

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If you want a good water bottle, go with a Nalgene.

Originally used in lab-ware (because they are chemically neutral), the Nalgnene company has expanded into water bottles. They are virtually indestructible!

The typical size is one litre, and they run for about $8

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heres a great key:
on the bottom of plastic water bottles there is a small imprinted triangle with a number. The numbers range from 1 to 9. The higher the number the better! If you want to reuse a water bottle it is advised to only reuse the bottles with numbers 7–9.

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Nalgenes and other plastic waterbottles are not the cleanest for your body. I would go with a Sigg or a Klean Kanteen (both stainless steel).

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I appreciate what I am learning on this thread!

Lurves to all of you, and thanks!

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Stainless steel is the way to go. Sigg (as previously mentioned) is a really great brand for those. They are easy to clean and nothing will leech into the water which can be a problem with plastic, the won’t break upon falling, and last forever.

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thanks so much for all of the responses. i visited the Sigg website and although i may have missed something, the bottles there all seemed to be made from aluminum, not stainless steel. I have heard that aluminum is also unhealthy. Which Sigg bottles are stainless. do they leave any metallic afertaste?
are any of the stainless bottles lined with glass?

this is important because i have just convinced my husband that he should not continue to bring home cases and cases of water each week, but he has tasked me with finding a substitute for him and i have to buy him good protable water bottles asap.

thanks again.


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Aluminum has been reported to contribute to the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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I love Sigg bottles! They’re awesome and my 2 have held up really well.

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I really love Klean Kanteen

It’s food-grade stainless steel, light weight, reusable, 100% recyclable, BPA-free, no need for a glass liner or otherwise, plus many different sizes, caps, colors and other accessories. I use mine at home and while I’m out-and-about! Also, $20 for a 27oz bottle that will last you your entire life is not only cheap, but a great investment.

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ok. here’s what i purchased so far. a six bottle set of glass water bottles from (I googled “swiss glass water bottles”)for $23.99 after an automatic $6.00 coupon and free shipping!

thanks for all of the suggestions.


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I bought my stainless steel bottles from this site. They also sell insulated sleeves to keep the contents colder longer. I love ‘em!

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So I just bought one of these lovely HDPE Polyethylene bottles from Nalgene (the hazy white ones)—lightweight, reusable, 100% recyclable, BPA-free. Not as indestructible as the Sigg or Klean Kanteen bottles, but at $6 for a 32oz bottle, it’s hard to beat the price.

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The new nalgenes don’t have the chemicals in them that were considered cancerous. Plus, that only happened if you left liquids in them at extreme temps for weeks!

As @bpeoples said, the new nalgenes are BPA free! – and cheap!

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your link goes back to the discussion list. can you resend the address to the site where you bought your stainless steel bottles? thanks.


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My family has switched out all of our bottles for the Kleen Kantines…the big advantage is the wide-mouth openings that allow you to drop in ice from your home ice dispenser. I have the 40oz. and love it. They’re stainless steel Aluminum-free and BPA-free)...bought off Amazon.

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@jack there is no link between Alzheimer’s and aluminium. There was some research that found that people who used aluminium pans for cooking where more likely to have Alzheimer’s than people who used stainless steal pans but the link was only a statistical association. When the data was reexamined it was noticed that only older people used aluminium pans while younger people used stainless steal so what the research actually proved was that older people where more likely to have Alzheimer’s. Not really that big a surprise.
Incidentally the reason older people had pans made aluminium was due to the fact their was an excess of the stuff lying about after WW2 (it literally fell out of the sky).

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Personally I prefer Siggs.

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I have a Sigg. I love the simplicity of it.
But I’m getting tired of the splosh factor.
Am looking for something with a bit more use-specific design.
The price tag is appalling, but I’m thinking about getting one of these.

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Ok guys… Aluminum in high ammounts can be a contributing factor in alzheimer’s… the FDA has established that up to 5 µg/kg/day of aluminum is safe. Daily quantities of aluminum below this threshold have not been associated with central nervous system or bone toxicity. HOWEVER.. there is no way that an aluminum container can release that high an ammount into your drinking water unless the metal itself was compromised and small chunks actually fell in there and you drank them…. also remember… anyone who’s ever had maalox just chugged down a swig of ALUMINUM AND MAGNESIUM to calm your stomach… enjoy

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I use glass bottles around the house and office, but when I go camping or play sports, I use my stainless steel bottle. Here’s where I got my bottles… This site has the best deals on glass bottles and stainless steel bottles:

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